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20+ Instagram Marketing Statistics, Facts, And Trends you should know

You would have come across various advertisements, products, and service promotions on Instagram – that’s called Instagram marketing. Nowadays, businesses are garnering a major part of their sales through social media marketing, and Instagram marketing is an integral part of this process. But, the number of sales, or indirectly your profit, depends upon your brand’s reach on Instagram.

Instagram marketing experts use many strategies, hashtags, and other tactics to boost their content’s reach. Here, we will share some Instagram statistics, marketing facts, and techniques that you should not miss out on in 2022.

1. Instagram Reels Can Boost Your Sales

Think of two situations: One, you are getting a complete description of the service or product in 2+ minutes. Two, a 30-second video delivers the same.

Which one will you find more convenient? The latter, right?

It’s always short and crisp content that engages a viewer more than lengthy ones. And Instagram reels perform this exact thing very well.

Instagram statistics show that an Instagram reel can get 103% more views compared to a simple video post.

2. Mastering Content Gets You Many Leads and Profile Visits on Instagram

According to marginmedia, the average time spent per session on an Instagram profile is 23 minutes.

So, if you wish users to visit your business through Instagram, the most important thing you have to do is work on your content. It should be up to the trends, and no doubt, it must describe the purpose of whatever has been posted.

Whether it is written content, graphics, video content, caption, or anything that a user notices while going through your post, it must be chosen wisely. So, if you are good at content, you’re bound to get a large number of sales.

Interestingly, food-related content gets the most engagement from users. 

3. Targeting the Youth Will Give You Exponential Growth

Whether it is Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, or any other social media platform, almost 55% of the users are youth.

The young generations are highly active and often share useful Instagram posts or stories among their followers. Believe us, this sharing chain will boost your reach and sales quickly. This is something that users of other age groups don’t normally do.

4. Instagram Has More Than 63% Daily Users

According to Pew Research, more than 63% of Instagram users scroll through Instagram at least once a day. And this is second after Facebook.

Around 21% of users do it once or more a week. Here, Instagram gets an edge and overcomes Facebook. So, if a business owner wants more users to visit their business, they must go for Instagram marketing.

5. Users Browse/Scroll Through Instagram for at Least 3-4 Minutes

How much time do you spend on Instagram in a single session? No idea! However, it would be more than you usually expect before logging in.

As per a survey conducted by renolon, a user spends an average of 53 minutes on Instagram per day. Per session, this data becomes 1 minute and 21 seconds.

So, if your content quality is up to the mark and trends, the chances are high that a user will visit your profile and browse it for quite some time.

6. Instagram is a Source of News for 14 Percent of Users

According to Pew Research, 14% of the total Instagram users use it as a news source.

Moreover, content creators on Instagram are highly active in posting about ongoing issues. You will also find several meme pages which convey current incidents with the help of funny characters or memes.

7. Meme Pages are the Fastest-Growing Pages on Instagram Nowadays

A meme is the easiest way to engage a viewer with your content. The reason why users use Instagram as a news source also is for memes.

Users exhibit interest in news if it is presented to them in the form of a humorous meme. Memes target the most active audience – the youth (64% are from the 18-29 age group).

Moreover, meme pages are growing faster because they are easily shareable and don’t take much time to understand. 

8. India Has the Largest Instagram-Using Population Across the Globe

Don’t be surprised; it’s a fact. More than 201 million Instagram users are from India. 

After India, the USA and Brazil have the largest number of Instagram users in the world.

Thus, India is the fastest-growing market for Instagram, with a quarter-over-quarter growth rate of 16 percent.

9. Both the Genders Use Instagram Equally

This Instagram statistic shows that the user ratio of IG is divided almost in half between male and female users. However, female users are slightly less in number (49.3%).

10. 50%+ Users Use the Explore Tab Monthly

The Explore tab offers a lot of stuff from which every user can find something of their interest.

Through the Explore tab, a user gets more exposure to a huge marketplace or numerous brands as well. 

11. Instagram Ads Can Reach 893M Instagram Accounts

Hootsuite found in a survey that Instagram ads can reach 850M+ users of the 13+ age group. Moreover, around 52% of female users are more likely to click on Instagram ads.

12. Education is Not a Big Factor Among Instagram Users

Backlinko shows that the difference between IG users of various qualifications is not that wide. Almost 33% of users are in high school or younger.

13. Direct Purchasing From Instagram is Increasing

Shopping posts make it easier for users to find the product they want.

More than 130 million consumers tap on Instagram shopping posts to learn more about products every month. 

14. The Typical Cost-Per-Click Instagram Ad is $0.67 – $1.00

The cost of a CPC ad varies by sector. Furthermore, the average CPC depends on the season, ad placement, and targeted audience. 

15. Less Than 9% of Luxury Brands Don’t Prefer Influencers for Instagram Marketing

More than 85% of sports brands and 92% of luxury brands hire influencers to promote their products in Instagram ads.

Only 9% of brands go for generic Instagram marketing. 

16. Instagram is the 2nd Most Invested Social Media Channel Among Marketers

Marketers use various social media channels to promote their products. But, among all the platforms, Instagram is the 2nd most popular, after Facebook.

17. 62% of Users Accept Being Influenced by Instagram Stories

Instagram stories mostly target users based on their search. It comes as no surprise that around 62% of users accept that they wish to buy a product after watching Instagram stories about it. 

18. 33% of Most-Viewed Instagram Stories Belong to a Business Account

People enjoy seeing real-time video content from businesses they are familiar with. That’s why business accounts get more reach on Instagram with stories.

19. Instagram Offers the Most Engaging Content

The content on Instagram is more engaging than that on other platforms. An Instagram reel is considered 33 times more engaging than a Tweet. 

20. Brunei Has the Highest Instagram Reach

Brunei tops the charts in terms of the highest Instagram reach of 89%. Here, organic leads would be enough to grow your business. 

21. Videos are Likely to Get 2x Comments Than Images on Instagram

If you want high activity on your profile, we recommend posting videos instead of images. Videos attract 2X more comments than images. 


Finally, and most importantly, we suggest that you make your Instagram content engaging. If your content is engaging, getting more followers becomes a cakewalk.

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