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Getting More Followers on Instagram – The Ultimate Guide

You definitely want to conseguir más seguidores en Instagram. Understandable! You rarely share the pictures as your own memory, but mainly because you want others to see them. In the beginning, however, everyone starts small. The great thing about Instagram: In contrast to Twitter, the first hearts quickly roll in even without a follower. Our guide shows you how to get more followers on Instagram. Success on Instagram is still a rocky road and requires one thing above all: perseverance. It’s not about making yourself famous overnight, but about establishing yourself in your field and building a community.

Our first tips relate to how you can make yourself and your posts more visible in search. In the end, you will find tips and strategies with which you can actively get more followers on Instagram.

Tip 1: Get more followers on Instagram with the right niche

To get more followers, you have to limit yourself first. This not only applies to Instagram but also to YouTube, Tiktok, and other platforms on which you inspire people with content. But why are you more successful if you address fewer people? Quite simply: Because you are an expert on the subject.

Let’s say someone finds your picture. He thinks it’s nice and clicks on your profile, hoping to find more pictures of the nature. Instead, he finds a wild mix of selfies, sports cars, and the ready-made meal, memes, and a few isolated photos from Africa. Too many things that don’t interest him – he’s gone.

So it’s best to focus on one topic to get more followers on Instagram. The more focused, the better to start with. This also has the advantage that your followers are more active. You post what interests them and that’s why hearts fly to you. This also gives you regular followers who are also happy to leave comments.

Tip 2: Use the right hashtags

In no other social network are hashtags as important as on Instagram? In contrast to other social networks, not only trending hashtags are diligently searched for. It is simply the most important tool to be found at all. That’s why you should also think a few things about which hashtags you use for your pictures.

When it comes to the question of whether this limit should be pushed to the limit, experts disagree. Some are of the opinion that you should use as many contact options for your own content as possible and, if possible, use 30 hashtags. Others are of the opinion that too many hashtags are perceived negatively and see 11 hashtags as the perfect measure.

However, the most important thing to do is to find the right hashtags if you want to get more followers on Instagram. So first look for which hashtags are relevant. Very important: the hashtags must match your topic! If you use current hashtags that do not fit your topic, this will have a negative effect in the long run.

Once you have identified the first hashtags, you can analyze the top posts on the hashtag for other hashtags that are also suitable for you. Try not only to use hashtags with millions of pictures but also a few smaller hashtags that won’t go under after a few seconds. They’re less sought after, but it’s easier for you to get noticed. In the end, you should have a colorful mix of large and small hashtags, some of which are more general, some very specific.

Tip 3: name and username

It sounds mundane, but the name can also influence your success on Instagram. But what name anyway? There are two name fields on Instagram.

  • User name
  • This name is unique because it is also part of the URL of your Insta profile.

The username is limited to 30 characters and can only contain letters, numbers, underscores, and periods. The username is often the first contact with you. The name will appear above your posts next to the avatar and is also the name that will appear in the comments.

The best thing to do is to try to include an important keyword for your niche in these 30 characters. This makes users curious more quickly because the users know immediately that this is “your thing” and they will probably find even more corresponding pictures with you. You can also get more followers on Instagram because you are more likely to be suggested when searching for this keyword.

You can change your username at any time. Nevertheless, don’t overdo it with the adjustments, because you will then have to adapt your profile link on other pages to the new name. In addition, it could cost tribe followers if they suddenly cannot assign your name and are then no longer quite so sweet to you.


The name is even more of a supplement to your username. It appears in your profile directly under the username and also in the search when your profile is suggested.

You can be a lot more creative with the name. You are again limited to 30 characters, but you can work with emojis, special characters, and text symbols as you like. Nevertheless, this is another way of describing yourself with important keywords, which again have some influence on the ranking in the search. You can change your name at any time. Since it is only extended information and your username can always be seen on the same turn, you can play around with it as you like.

Tip 4: Get more followers on Instagram with a good bio

The bio is not that dissimilar to the name and offers you even more space to introduce yourself to other users. It’s like your little business card. However, you only have 150 characters, i.e. about half a tweet, to present all relevant information in a tidy manner. These are simple 4 tips, if you want to learn more than keep reading the articles on this site. 

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