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How To Increase Post Reach On Instagram

Instagram monitors the spread and visibility of a particular content based on certain algorithms. While these algorithms might seem a problem, we see it as an opportunity to rank and reach better. Paying a bit more heat to how you can optimize your content per these algorithms can fetch you a great amount of traffic and response on the content you used to post blatantly earlier. Mostly businesses and creators on Instagram love to add in more followers. This could be a cumbersome task if your posts aren’t ideally reaching out to the correct audience. For this purpose there are certain criteria that should be kept in mind while posting content. Here are certain tips to enhance and boost your Instagram reach:

Find an optimal posting time:

In order to enhance your reach, you need to enhance engagement. To serve this purpose it is advisable to post in an hour, when your maximum followers are sitting online. Now of course knowing when your maximum audience is online can be cumbersome, but when you post regularly you can easily make out the pattern. Now posting at this time helps you catch more attention that you normally would. If you are using a business account on Instagram, you can check insights to know when your maximum audience is online and then make this time duration optimal for posting new content. According to Ashish Chugh from Instazoom, night time is the best time for posting. As most of the people are online then.

Get more visual content:

Lets learn this from ourselves alone, we tend to scroll through videos aimlessly. It has been surveyed and stated that people indulge in visual content more than they do in pictures. Hence uploading your content in the form of video helps you catch the eye of your maximum users. Use trending songs and challenges and modulate them per your product to promote it. This would help you enhance your reach on Instagram.

Add in offers and contests to encourage engagement:

You would have definitely come across offers and challenges on Instagram that pose an attractive reward. This is a great strategy to enhance engagement on posts and earn more traffic. Put up a story or post, and ask your users to take part in a challenge while offering an attractive reward to the winners. Ask your users to follow you and tag you in posts to take part in the contest this helps enhance your followers and visibility.

Use Instagram live:

In order for your audience to connect to you more, you need to carry out interactive sessions with them. What is better than an Instagram live session to connect to your users? Go live on Instagram and communicate and connect with your audience to gain their trust and loyalty. This helps you gain more followers as well. Instagram live helps you join with a huge audience at one time.

Post less:

This might sound vague, but this is the best advice you can get to boost your reach on Instagram. It is futile to post content that is meaningless. The key to boost your reach is not in posting more, but in posting content that is useful, relatable and meaningful to attract user attention. Post one picture but with thought and meaning, that instantly catches the eye of the user.