What To Do When You Get Lost While Touring Philadelphia 

Traveling and touring different places is a perfect way of spending your vacation. Philadephia is one of the places you should consider visiting. As the capital city of Pennsylvania, the city is famous for its rich history and various attractions. However, visitors can easily get lost during their tour. Getting prepared for the visit is an effective way of keeping track. The following are actions to consider if you get lost in the city.

Ask For Directions

Many people usually don’t like this option, since they think other people view them as clueless tourists. However, if you don’t have any maps, asking for help from someone can be an effective way of getting to your destination. Ensure that the person you request help is familiar with various parts of the city. You can achieve this by opting for shopkeepers or other nearby business people because they are more likely to understand different parts of the city. Furthermore, they can even help you by calling a taxi or showing you the location of a bus stop. A random individual in the street may be facing a similar problem, just like you.

Consider Public Transport

Public transport is an easy way to get out of attractions such as museums. For instance, SEPTA (Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority) is a famous transportation means in the city. It deals with buses, trolleys, and subway systems. You can use these modes to visit any part of the city. Purchasing a day pass worth $2.50 or a SEPTA key (a contactless and reloadable chip) allows you to access the system without carrying any cash.

Moreover, you should avoid throwing your SEPTA key since it is refillable when you revisit the city. If you do not have personal transport means, public transport is an effective way of touring the city and keeping track. Moreover, you can opt for express Philly airport parking if you have one.

Use Your Mobile Device

Technology has significantly improved different aspects of people’s lives. Most mobile devices, including tablets, phones, and computers, have various apps that can guide you to your destination. If you have an active device, use your existing app or download it for guidance. For instance, if you are planning to visit the Independence Hall, where the independence declaration and the constitution were signed, just put the area as your destination. These apps provide exact routes and can also talk you through your track.

Look for a Landmark

Philadelphia has various historical landmarks, including the Independence Hall, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and the Eastern State Penitentiary. Most landmarks are usually visible from a distance. Landmarks help you if you are planning to visit an area near them. Besides, they are also likely to be on app maps, unlike some hotels or addresses. You can also use them to request directions from an individual since they are likely to know their location.

Getting lost in an area, particularly the city, can be quite frustrating. Since Philadelphia is the largest city in Pennsylvania, visitors can easily get lost. However, understanding what to do in such scenarios can enhance your stay in the city.

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