9 Tips to Get a Safe and Fair Car Loan Deal

By: Raymond James

Whether you are in the market for a new or used car, you will have to think about your finances. A car loan may be able to assist with your purchase of a new vehicle if you don’t have adequate funds. However, finding fair and safe car loan deals can be complicated. Read on to discover tips for getting reliable and affordable car loan deals.

1. Check Your Credit Score

Although you can still qualify for a car loan without checking your credit score, it is vital to get a credit report during the loan application process. Checking your credit reports will help you know the interest rates you are likely to qualify for. Buyers with low credit scores often pay higher interest rates.

2. Compare Financing Quotes

You should never settle on a particular car loan provider before comparing your options. Find out the amount each lender is willing to give you to purchase your new car. Also, remember to factor in the interest rates, repayment period, and customer service.

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3. Think About the Loan Period

Another important consideration when choosing a loan provider are the loan terms. Generally, a shorter loan term is a favourable option as it will save you money as you will pay the loan quickly compared to a longer loan term.

4. Factor In The Down payment

Almost all car loan providers will require you to pay a deposit to qualify for a car loan. Therefore, you should check the deposit amount required before deciding upon a specific lender. Keep in mind that the more down payment you pay, the less you will need to borrow.

5. Ask About Other Expenses

You are likely to incur additional expenses, including documentation and administration fees. As such, you should always factor in all extra costs before taking the loan. You may want to pay all expenses in cash instead of adding them to the loan.

6. Find Out What Will Happen if You Default on Your Loan

Unfortunately, emergencies and medical conditions can hinder your capability to pay the loan. That is why you should find out what options are available if your circumstances change, and it becomes difficult to repay the loan.

7. Get a Co-Signer With a Good Credit History

Even if you have a well-paying job or good credit history, you might qualify for a more favorable loan when you get a co-signer with an excellent credit history.

8. Seek the Word of Mouth

It always helps to talk with your network when looking for the best car loan deals. Friends, family members or colleagues might recommend you to a reliable lender. Another useful starting point can be to check online reviews to see what other buyers have to say.

9. Make Timely Payments

Finally, always strive to make timely payments to avoid incurring additional penalties and fees.

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