5 Hazards a Carport Will Protect Your Car or Truck From

Parking your car just anywhere does not guarantee complete protection. It matters where you park it, especially if you are concerned with your cars longevity.  Most people park their car in a garage, but not everyone has access to one. Your car needs protection against various things, including weather elements, bird droppings, sand, heat, temperature fluctuations, and so much more. Fortunately, you can protect the car from such elements by using some sort of car shelter such as a carport. Below are a few hazards that your car will be protected from if you use a carport.

Rain/ Acid Rain

Rain can become acidic because of the pollutants in the air. Unfortunately, the acidic rainwater interacts with sunlight and eats away at the metal and paint of your car, causing it to deteriorate. You can protect your vehicle by ensuring to get it washed immediately after it rains. However, this may not be viable, especially during the rainy season. An alternative and more practical solution would be to park the vehicle under a carport. The bottom line is to ensure that the vehicle is not exposed to the rain.

Windy Effect

Not many people think about the effect of wind on their vehicles. However, it is one of the strongest elements of weather that has a significant impact on cars. Usually, wind batters your car with particles that tend to wear off the vehicle’s paint as time goes by. There is not much you can do about this since it is impossible to stop the wind from blowing. However, parking under a carport will greatly reduce the threat of damage.

Sunlight Exposure

Many people are oblivious of how sunlight exposure can impact their vehicle or do not worry enough about it. In reality, sunlight exposure does more damage to your car than you realize and should be avoided in most cases. It can lead to bubbling, cracking, chipping, fading, and peeling of the vehicle’s paint. Unless you are ready to invest in car paintwork, regularly park your car under a carport. It is also helpful to apply car wax for extra protection.

Bugs and Bird Dropping

Have you ever parked your vehicle only to come back and find loads of bird droppings on it? This happens if you fail to park the car under some sort of shelter. While the droppings may seem harmless at first, you need to know that they are acidic and will eat at your car’s paintwork. Washing, wiping, and removing the waste are great ways to prevent such damage. However, sheltering the vehicle in a carport is a more practical way to resolve this by preventing its occurrence.

Excess Heat and Sand Exposure

If you live in a sandy area, like on the coast or in the desert, you risk getting sand and salt damage to your vehicle. The sand and salt are highly corrosive and negatively affect your car paint and metal. They also can clog filters, wear down calipers, belts, pads, brakes and may affect sensors leading to wrong readings. On the other hand, excess heat tends to dry out tires, making them brittle and increasing the chances of blowing them out. It also causes battery water to evaporate and may cause gas evaporation, thus reducing fuel economy. All this can be avoided by parking the car under a carport.

Having a carport for your vehicle can also prevent damage from temperature fluctuation, dust, pollen, and other harsh conditions. Invest in one for better protection.

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