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Why is it important to create a personal budget?

Having a personal budget will help you manage your finances more efficiently, avoid red numbers and save more money to reach your goals. Today securities attorney will tell you about its benefits and some applications that could help you.

What is a personal budget?

According to Financer, it is a plan that gathers personal income destined for expenses and savings within a certain time, to plan money with greater discipline.

Preparing a personal budget is the first step to improving the management of finances and debts.

Benefits of making it

  • It allows you to gain more financial discipline.
  • You learn to prioritize and adjust your expenses according to your income.
  • You can identify and correct unnecessary expenses.
  • You could reduce or eliminate debt.
  • It could also help you reach savings and investment goals.

These benefits would be possible because a personal budget can show if you have duplicate expenses, if you pay for services that you do not use or if prices have risen.

Personal budget: 6 apps that can help you manage your income and expenses

Although a notebook or Excel are useful means of budgeting, how about trying out some digital tools? Here are some apps that might interest you:

1- Quick budget

  • It helps you review your expenses daily and try to improve your savings capacity.
  • It has a summary page that shows the flow of your money, which you can customize according to your needs.
  • It offers you tools such as calendars and various charts to manage your capital.

2- Income vs Expenses

  • Control your income and expenses in days and personalized categories, being able to create a budget for each category, as well as for any period.
  • It has a function for future expenses, which makes it easier for you to control your next payments and notifies you through notifications.
  • Offers reports and backups.

3- Wallet

  • It not only helps you keep track of your expenses but also to plan, in terms of a month, a year or ten years.
  • You can synchronize your bank transactions automatically and with categories.
  • It gives you the possibility to put together a flexible budget, according to the goal you want to achieve, whether it is the payment of debts, buying a car, a property or whatever you need.

4- Bluecoins

  • It provides reports and analysis to better manage your income, expenses and budget in general.
  • You can use it not only for your personal budget but also for your family or even a small business.
  • In addition, you can export reports of your monthly expenses in spreadsheets or in pdf format.

5- Toshl Finance

  • You can centralize the supervision of your bank accounts, cards and cash in one place for greater control over your expenses.
  • It gives you data on how much you have spent and saved, among other information through pie charts, bubbles, expense location maps, etc.
  • It allows you to create budgets by categories, labels, accounts, and time periods. It also notifies you when you approach your budget limits.

6 -Splitwise

This application is very useful to divide the expenses and make sure that you and your companions pay what corresponds, whether they are family members, partners or roommates.

  • You can use it both for household expenses and for walks, trips or any plan where there are shared expenses.
  • You can see how much you owe your friends, how much they owe you, how much you’ve spent, and what bills you have.

Before using them, the NYC fraud lawyer recommends that you review the terms and conditions of the commented applications. This way you can decide in an informed way if you accept them or not.

Finally, do not leave the management of your money to chance! We hope that soon you will be encouraged to achieve better financial health through a personal budget.

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