Where to Find Funny Comedians for Your Fundraising Event

Comedy and fundraising go hand in hand since many of the top fundraising reasons need something to lighten the mood a little. So whether you’re trying to boost funds for cancer research or you want to increase the budget of a local scout troop, hiring a comedian can be the best direction to go!

These are the best places and ways to find some funny acts and a couple of tips on ensuring they’re the perfect choice for your gathering.

Consider the Fundraiser’s Brand First

The brand of your fundraiser, also known as its personality or public image, needs to be easily represented in the type of comedians you’re bringing in. For example, if you’re fundraising for a topic that would involve kids, you need to seek out comedians who could play to this type of audience.  If you’re not sure what kind of comedy will work, the best option is to try and put out a poll, asking what comedians your potential audience enjoys the most.

Get Word of Mouth Working

Word of mouth is one of the best ways to get information out amongst the public, so try to get it working for you!  Let people know that you’re 1- hosting a fundraising event that’s going to have live comedy acts, and 2- that you’re looking for more comedians to perform at the event.  This will spread the word about your event while also getting you into contact with performers who have the skills you need.

Put Out a Casting Call

If you’re having trouble getting comedians, put out a listing on social media or local job listing sites that you’re looking for live comedy acts. First, ask for a two to five-minute sample of the type of comedy they create, and then search through your applicants thoroughly until you find your perfect fit. 

Seek Them Out on Gig Sites

Gig sites can be extremely useful!  These websites list comedians, allow you to read information about them, including their rates, and will sometimes let you catch a sample of their comedy. Also, when you’re hiring comedians, let them know if you’re hiring multiple performers for one night since some local acts may want to know who they’re performing alongside and may even have tips on who they want you to hire.

Avoid Stealing or Advertising at Other Events

Although it can be difficult to book a comedian if you’ve never done it before: it’s important to know some general rules if you find one in person. First, avoid advertising that you’re at an event looking for comedians, and instead simply write down the socials or names of whatever comedians catch your eye.  Contact them after the event, at a different time and place.  Approaching them right after they performed may be seen as disrespectful to the club or event they’re already performing in.

Your Fundraiser Deserves A Fantastic Event

Regardless of why you’re running a fundraiser, if it’s a cause you believe in, it’s important to help others feel it too! So try seeking them out through these means, and you’ll find the perfect acts for you. 

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