Water Purification- Methods And Importance

Water is one of the fundamental needs of all the people living on the planet earth as water filtration system in almost all kinds of body functions like digestion, brain function, removal of body waste, blood circulation and many others. Thus one should drink optimum concentration of water daily and remain healthy.

Yes, water keeps you healthy, but only when you consume pure and healthy water may you fall sick. Thus, drink water and make sure you are consuming pure and healthy water all the time you urge for water.

These days with increasing water pollution getting clean and healthy water is tough, but this can be made simple with the help of the water purification system. Yes, water purification is a process that is mainly used to treat contaminated water, and a system like water purifier and water softener via which water purification process is performed is called as water purification process.

Types Of Water Purification Process

There are various water purification methods, and processes and all of them have their advantages and disadvantages. Below I’ve listed some of the best and most widely used methods to purify water. So without wasting time, let’s get started.

  1. Boiling

It is one of the primitive water purification methods. In this process, World Living Water Systems Ltd, is kept boiling for a few minutes, and after that, water is cool at room temperature and stored in an airtight container. Due to boiling, water gets free from contamination, but this process is time consuming and less efficient. And boiling water does not eliminate all kinds of contamination from the water.

  1. Condensation

In this process, water is allowed to heat the source, and when the vapour is directed to the condensation unit there, it gets cool and converted into liquid. According to the scientific data, condensation is one of the best processes as most of the contaminated present in water has a high boiling point irrespective of the water.

  1. Technology

There are various techniques to treat contamination, and these are Reverse osmosis, Ultra-filtration, Ultraviolet rays and others. So let’s elaborate on all these technologies in detail.

  • Reverse Osmosis

One of the widely used water purifications is India, and a water purifier service based on reverse osmosis eliminates all kinds of impurities, whether the contamination is in dissolved salts or microbial form. In this technology, a semipermeable membrane is used to eliminate the contamination from the water. The membrane used in the reverse osmosis water purification system has multiple tiny pores; thus, contamination is eliminated based on the molecular size of the contamination.

  • UV Technology

After reverse osmosis, UV is the best and widely used water purification system in India. In this system, UV rays eliminating bulbs are used and with the help of this microbial contamination are eliminated from the raw water. The UV rays have high penetration power, which kills or suspends the growth of the microbes. As a result, water becomes safe from microbial contamination.

  • Ultra-Filtration

This technology has the same feature as reverse osmosis but has significantly different and pore sizes of the membrane used in the UF technology-based water purification system. This form of water purification system is used to eliminate the comparatively larger-sized particle from the water.

Benefits Of Having A Water Purification System

A water purifier possesses various advantages below we have listed some of the crucial benefits of a water purification system are

  • Eliminate Contamination From Water- A water purification system eliminates complete and all kinds of contamination from water. So no matter what source of water you use, a water purification system is best for you
  • Protect You From Waterborne Diseases- Consuming water having pollutant leads to the various kinds of waterborne diseases but water treated by water purification system eliminates all contamination from water and make it safe for the human consumption
  • Remove Unpleasant Odor From Water- However, water is naturally odourless, but water impurities add some unpleasant odour to it. But a water purification system not only treat water but also eliminate the unpleasant odour from water
  • Improve Immune System- Contamination present in water adversely affects your immune system, but consumption of pure and healthy water nourishes your immune system, and it becomes stronger
  • Improve Your Overall Health- Drinking continuation free water maintain your overall health by improving your digestion, blood circulation, and brain function, and it also improves your immune healthy thus, your body fight strongly with a foreign substance. By visiting this site you can know the most importnat things Waterdrop reverse osmosis water purifier.


Drinking pure water is the need of everyone living on the planet earth. However, it is not easy to have the best and advanced water purification system at your home to treat the contamination present in the water. In the above section, we have briefly elaborated on various water purification systems and processes to treat water properly. The best water purification system to eliminate the water contamination effectively and properly is water purifiers so always consider buying the best water purifier for home but be careful as various kinds of water purifiers are in the market so only buy the best and suitable water purifier for your home to enjoy healthy living.

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