When you choose to undergo rhinoplasty for the first time, you don’t think that you might have to undergo it again. Sometimes situations arise when you have to consider revision rhinoplasty Toronto. Some common reasons include not achieving the desired result, visible deformities and functional problems. When you have to undergo rhinoplasty again, it can be a stressful experience. It is crucial to choose the right surgeon, someone who has experience and knowledge about revision rhinoplasty. If this procedure is something you’ve been considering, we are here to help you understand the basics.

What makes revision rhinoplasty a highly specialized surgery?

The nose has a delicate internal structure which makes the rhinoplasty procedure far more complex. There are intricacies that the surgeon needs to be careful about. Due to this reason, about 10% of rhinoplasty procedures required additional work. However, when revision rhinoplasty takes place, the structure of the nose has been weakened, blood supply altered and scar tissue is now present. If there is a prolonged inflammation of the nasal membranes, it can become difficult to work with the tissues. All these complexities that arise during the procedure, make revision rhinoplasty a highly specialized cosmetic surgery.

Do you feel comfortable with the surgical plan?

Before undergoing the revision rhinoplasty procedure, the surgeon will discuss the surgical plan they have in mind. This surgery is customized to meet the corrective requirement. When planning to undergo the revision procedure, ask all the questions you have. Ensure that you communicate your concerns clearly to the surgeon and discuss the same with them. During the process, the surgeon will also discuss the surgical plan and post-operative care. When planning to undergo the corrective procedure, you must have confidence in the surgeon. If having doubts, it is always best to get a second opinion. Consult with the surgeon whose expertise matches perfectly with your goal taylorsource.

When should one consider revision rhinoplasty?

There are various reasons why one considers revision rhinoplasty. If the results achieved from the rhinoplasty aren’t satisfying enough, you might find yourself considering revision rhinoplasty. The skills and techniques of the surgeon might not always be at fault. There are other variable factors which play a determining role like the patient’s anatomy and medical complications. Sometimes the nasal passage could get altered in such a manner, that it impacts its functionality.

How should you find the ideal plastic surgeon?

It is a million-dollar question that can be difficult to answer. The first step is, undergoing a consultation. It can help you to build the comfort and trust required. Apart from that, the surgeon should be accredited by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. It is helpful to have additional certification and practical experience in facial and reconstructive surgery. During the consultation, it can be helpful to determine how familiar your surgeon is with rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty. As each patient’s case is unique, the experience can help to improve the skills naukri24pk.