Top places in Delhi to visit on a quick weekend getaway

For every mind to stay focused on daily chores, taking a break from the monotonous life is essential. And what could be a better way to do that than by escaping to a different place and rejuvenating in the aura of that destination while exploring its prime spots. On that note, there are several places that one can choose from based on their personal preference. But if you ask me, hands down, I will choose the ‘capital city of India’ – Delhi for my relaxation.

From marvellous architecture at the museums and temples to mesmerising parks, Delhi has some of the best places which are an ideal option for the weekend getaway. So, if you are in Delhi and even if you are not, you can easily visit this place by making a quick plan now and search for hotels in Delhi for accommodation, if you are coming from a different city. Having said that, here is a list of the best places that you can include in your itinerary for the best escapade plan.

Qutub Minar

Named after Qutub-ud-din Aibak, this masterpiece is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site in Delhi. Standing at a height of about 73 metres, it is considered the second tallest monument in the city. Built in 1192, Qutub Minar contains five different floors, out of which three floors are made with red stone while the fourth and fifth floors are adorned with marble and sandstone respectively. Besides, there is Quranic text being engraved inside the temple. The minaret also features a 379 steps staircase. You will also come across the other highlights of the Qutub Minar which include Quwwat-ul-Islam mosque, Alai Daewaza, Iron Pillar, Alai Minar and Tomb of Adham Khan.

Red Fort

Built-in 1639 by Shah Jahan, Red Fort is one of the famous historical monuments in Delhi. Located over an area of 254 acres, the octagonal-shaped fort got its name from the red stone walls. The designing and planning of this fort are done by blending the style of Mughal, Hindu and Persian traditions. Previously called as Quila-e-Mubarak, the Red Fort is situated along the banks of river Yamuna. With architectural marvel and rich heritage, Red Fort is among one of the most visited tourist spots in India.

National Railway Museum

Established in 1977, National Railway Museum is built to preserve and exhibit India’s 163-year-old railway heritage. It is situated in the district of Chanakyapuri in Delhi. Constructed over an area of 10 acres of land, it features an exquisite collection of around 100 life-size exhibits of the country’s railways both static and working, furniture and antiques. Apart from that, visiting the massive outdoor ground that is adjacent to the museum will give a glimpse of the famous ‘Fairy Queen’ – the century-old locomotive.

Connaught Place

Also known as CP, Connaught Place in Delhi is thought of as the most expensive shopping arcade in the world. Got its name from the Duke of Connaught, this massive building houses famous retail brands, famous food joints and bars. Being one of the most sought-after destinations in Delhi after dark, it is a perfect place for experiencing the vibrant nightlife of the city. It is also one of the most iconic buildings made during the colonial era which has much to offer in terms of its look. Moving around this place will give you the opportunity of watching antique theatres, art galleries, and toys stores. In addition to that, shopping here is something that you cannot miss as this place has a wide range of collections from Western wear to Indian traditional garments.

Crafts Museum

Situated near Pragati Museum in Delhi, Crafts Museum is a gallery for exhibiting the various types of handicrafts, local decor and textile. It is built to protect, preserve and reviving the tradition of making handicrafts. Also famous as the National Handicraft Museum, this place is designed by the renowned architect, Charles Correa who is currently working under the Ministry of Textiles. It has a collection of around thirty-three thousand assortments that are collected from the various states of India over the last 60 years. The varied collection of this museum includes metal and bronze lamps, exhaustive fabrics and textiles, bamboo crafts, wood carvings, tribal paintings, terracotta figurines and sculptures.

Lotus Temple

One of the seven wonders of the world, Lotus Temple is situated in Delhi. Dedicated to Baha’ i faith, this magnificent edifice is designed by Fariborz Sahba, a Canadian Architecture who completed it in 1986. Built in the shape of a flower, the shrine unfolds in the form of an astounding white-petalled lotus and is one of the popular places in the world. It aims at teaching people about the existence of god and is open to all, irrespective of caste, religion, creed and nationality. The entrance of the temple gate is beautifully designed and as you walk through the pathway leading to the temple, the view of the surrounding flower garden is something worth noticing.

From historical heritage to museums and temples, Delhi has endless destinations to explore. So whether you are planning for a weekend trip or want to spend a vacation to Delhi, this city will impress you with all its gems and hence, you will have a hard time biding goodbye to its miraculous spots.