TOP 5 Online Tools for Handling Remote Projects in 2021

In any organization, regardless of its size, tasks can quickly pile up, and you may find yourself dealing with a rather large stack of work. Of PMP Course, there’s an option of hiring a team, but that requires you to understand how to manage a remote team effectively. Having a remote team is one of the most critical aspects of today’s business world, as they enable you to work from the confines of your office or home. No need for physical meetings regularly. 

One of the best ways to manage your remote team effectively is to use the right software. The project management tool that you choose should help you track your team, give you a concise report on their current status, edit, convert, and even share documents. You should be able to view the reports in real-time and be able to take action immediately. If you have a project that requires managing this way, then you should learn about the features of some of the best project management tools available today.

1. PDFBear

PDFBear is a powerful internet-based tool that can be used in converting documents into PDF format and vice versa. The utility allows users to efficiently carry out conversion functions like converting documents from Excel to PDF, MS Word to PDF, etc. Working remotely means you have to send documents from one team member to another. Sometimes these documents might not be in a suitable format, hence the need for conversion. 

After waiting for the document to complete conversion in a matter of minutes, users can download the file to their computer or send it via email quickly. Among the many conversion tools available online, the PDF Beard is one of the easiest to use. It is easy to navigate and can be accessed from any location as long as there is an internet connection. With the help of this efficient tool, you can convert your Word, Excel, or PPT documents into PDF format in an effortless and fast way. Several PDF bear tools are available online, and it is quite challenging to select the best one among them. With PDFBear, your remote team can work faster and more efficiently. 

2. Trello

Trello can be thought of as a simple board where you write notes, only this time it’s online, and the boards are moveable. It is a Kanban-based collaborative strategy and task management tool ideal for all types of teams or projects. This includes executive teams, content teams, marketing groups, sales teams, and more. The powerful Kanban system allows teams to identify their most critical project goals, give feedback, and set even newer goals. 

With Trello, your remote workers can easily track their progress and give you feedback on exactly what they are doing, which is crucial if you expect to succeed as an organization. The list-style aspect of the Trello board creates a fun way to fulfill tasks. Because Trello is such a comprehensive tool, it makes it easy to organize and manage projects at a glance, allowing your team to focus on the critical tasks right away without worrying about many other details. The visual elements of the Trello board, such as the icons and navigation bars, create a smooth flowing process.

The best part about using Trello is that it gives your team members a quick and easy way to manage their task boards. When you can quickly find out which members have completed what, you save yourself both time and energy, plus your productivity is increased. 

3. Zoom

Zoom is a high-end videotelephony software program developed by. The free version offers a low-cost video conferencing service that enables up to 100 simultaneous participants. For more reliable communication, users can upgrade to a paid service. The program features a rich user interface, easy-to-use design, and advanced functions that make it easy to stream and share audio and video streams.

The Zoom Platform’s advanced video conferencing software allows for efficient collaboration. Through the internet or mobile phone, employees can view shared screens and monitor meetings. This would eliminate the need for a regular physical meeting with your remote team. This makes it easy for users to take their work with them anywhere they go, even if they are moving. By integrating zoom in your team, you can easily create, manage and share interactive meetings with colleagues.

4. ProofHub 

ProofHub is a software that manages projects from inception to closure using an integrated set of tools. The goal of Proofhub is to create a project management tool that is simple to use yet powerful enough to meet the demands of larger organizations. Proof Hub includes a wide range of critical features: project planning tools, project dashboard that present project status, and a robust tracking system that report project metrics. Additionally, the software provides the capability for managing multiple projects concurrently, with easy access from any PC.

Other features include project tracking, which enables project managers to view project information in real-time. Proofhub allows them to manage tasks from various sources. 

5. Slack 

Slack is an open-source web-based business communication platform developed by American online software company Slack Technologies. Slack has many prominent features, like channels, private chats, and even direct messages. This open-source web-based business communication platform is free and open for any user, though to send personal messages and join a group chat, you’ll need to be invited. 

The real value of Slack for business is its advanced feature set that includes many advanced tools made for managing business teams. These include the ability to conduct virtual meetings, messaging, data import and export, and much more.

It has an intuitive interface that makes it easy to coordinate work among groups of people. The idea behind slack was to build an innovative system that allowed people to manage their work remotely. Today slack remains a potent platform that allows even large teams to communicate with each other. Even if you don’t have a large team, you can use slack to manage multiple projects, drive sales, marketing, and even collaborate with employees. You can run your business on slack.


As long as you maintain project flow and use new innovative tools, you will handle a remote team successfully. You should provide your employees with sufficient training to handle different types of tasks even while working from home. 

Each person should be trained to communicate, give feedback, and join in relevant conversations with the team. This will go a long way towards ensuring that your team members stay safe and stay focused on your goals.

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