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 The first thing that pops up in our head when we hear the name of the country Korea is either K-pop or Kim Jong-Un. In recent times South Korea has been progressing at a rapid speed in almost all sectors. One of the significant aspects of sports betting. While considered as gloomy and stodgy all around the world, North Koreans are considered gloomy and stodgy, but they are also fond of sports. But citizens there are not allowed to bet on sports; only the tourists can do so. While in South Korea, the citizens cannot do online sports betting and gambling, but the tourists are allowed to do so. In South Korea, sports betting by the citizens are conducted by the bookies in that region. If they are caught betting online without a licensed sportsbook, they can be fined up to KRW 5 million ($4,370 US). In addition, we must know about 토토사이트 or Toto Sites. Amidst all these sports betting is still popular among the citizens and the tourists in Korea. Though there are many sports to bet on, we will be talking about five sports that you can bet on in Korea.

  1. Football

Football is considered to be one of the most excellent sports, with over 3 billion viewers all around the world. It is also a popular sport to bet on in South Korea. People mostly have their eyes on K-league, AFC Asian Cup and The FIFA World Cup. The hype around the betting department for this game is immense. Online betting has become popular recently in Korea because of various wagering options. An enjoyable privilege for Koreans in football gambling is that they give the bettors a welcome bonus giving them more money to bet.


It is a popular sport all around Korea that stepped in the early 1900s. Baseball betting is also a great hype among them. Online betting is conducted through Sports Toto, which is the Koreans prefer over the offshore betting sites. The most popular league for Koreans to bet on is KBO League which is played within ten teams. Most of the baseball betting is done in this league. Online betting for these sport also offers the customers a welcome bonus.

  1. Basketball

It is not only a renowned sport but also a popular hobby among Koreans. In Korea, basketball betting is limited to a definite range. However, in the international websites of the US, Canada and Europe, the results exceed more than the typical array of options like a win, lose or draw. So, Koreans and other bettors prefer international sites to bet on basketball.

  1. Volleyball

Volleyball is an energetic and enjoyable sport that has gained vast popularity among Koreans and people worldwide. Betting has caught a lot of attention as well. Usually, bets on volleyballs are put on local teams and national as well, conducted by the local betting shop, but it only has a few limited options. People choose to bet on international sites, which provide a good number of options to the bettors.

  1. Golf

Golf is not a game for everybody; it is said that this is a rich man’s game, although this betting on golf is popular among the higher-class people in Korea and worldwide. There are certain limits; otherwise, controversy occurs, and legal inspection is conducted. It is illegal to bet on golf online.

Popular sites to bet online in South Korea are Sports toto,22Bet, interop and more.

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