The Fear of AI: Will AI Take over the World?

People do not like the idea of TOO powerful machines. With movies like I, Robot where a robot can be seen taking over human capabilities, Hollywood can be majorly accused of developing the fear of powerful robots in the minds of people.

Artificial Intelligence is a victim of antiparallel speculations. Some people agree that AI is technological revolution that was the need of the hour for all complex tech problems in the world. The other set of paradoxical thinkers believe that AI is the transformative power planned to take over the world, and definitely something we should all worry about. In this blog, we are going to throw light on both the perspectives, if you to want to know the actual purpose of AI in our lives, read below:

Before we start with how impactful AI is on our lives let’s give you a background of why we think that Hollywood has a lot to say in the robot’s fear.

You opened your eyes and its year 2035 (which btw is not very from today) the humanoid robots created and powered by Artificial Intelligence are now part of everyday life. A detective named Del Spooner hates these creations as they saved him and not the 12-year old girl in acar accident – because the odds of her survival were minimum. That is a little of what famous Hollywood movie released in 2016 called I, Robot was based on.

Not to forget the transformers series making machines look more capable than humans.

These science fiction movies are mere fictions that portray the capability of robots, not their power. This is because the machine can be more capable than the human but they cannot become powerful.

So What Actually is AI?

More than an element that gives humans nightmare about their existence, AI is a powerful business tool used to support companies in their customer service strategies and more.

The power of AI is to create a better experience for the customer, which is difficult to achieve with manual means.

In an interview with Forbes, the Co-Founder, and Chief Strategy Officer of DigitalGenius, Mikhail Naumov, gave a detail introduction about AI’s requirement in today’s business world. DigitalGenius is a leading company that works on the concept of Humans plus AI movement.

Naumov said that today’s version of AI revolves around customer support and narrowing of the focused task for better performance. The narrowly focused task involves duties such as helping customers quicker in changing their billing address or updating their credit card details.

How AI is Helpful for Customer Service Representatives? 

Naumov believes that the best use of AI is for the customer service representative as it will limit their work and set their priorities.

It is believed that AI will help customer service representatives in dealing with the issues in a better way. Imagine a machine or computer listens to customer conversion in real-time. Later when the customer asks a question or comes with a problem the customer service representative would have all the information about that particular customer via machine learning software and AI.

The history will include information about past purchases of customers, their interest, and also about the reasons they have called for in the past. While giving the CSR information about the history of the customer, AI will also suggest to them better answers to customer queries.

All of this happening and it’s happening in real-time.

Is AI something to Fear? 

What Naumovcalls as the need for a customer representative is an attempt to eliminatethe human workforce for some people.

With people switching from unreliable internet connection to reliable and high-speed internet, we still encounter some doubts in people’s minds regarding upgrade and innovation in the world.

Victim to this thought is AI itself that is considered as an attempt to replace the human workforce with machines and robots. And this concept mainly came forward due to the fear of the unknown.

The general anxiety regarding machine intelligence and fear of workplace elimination and replacement shows how misinformation and lack of information causes chaos.

The concerned people generally do not fear machines, they fear the time when this powerful invention gets in the hands of wrong people.

People fear that this highly powerful machine intelligence when combined with the evil human minds can do what machines did in Hollywood science fiction.

Another fear of AI revolves around its ability to kill jobs. Previously the blue-collar job known as manufacturing and maintenance jobs feared the automation but now the new wave of AI has got people with white-collar jobs fear their employments. The white collars jobs that require knowledgeable humans believe that their sector will no longer need them with the advent of AI.


While Hollywood gives you a wildly unrealistic perception of AI manufactured robots taking over the world, there is a lot more to learn about the AI itself. In this blog, we have concluded how experts in the field of Human plus AI think of the whole concept.

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