Small noise reduction, live sharp tool: mini microphone experience

Times have changed, my Lord!

We used to play games for ourselves; Now, we play games for others to see, is an “N love each other,” further words, strive to become a well-known Up master, every live to make money.

Therefore, in this respect, a little wild heart of friends will choose professional recording equipment to ensure that their voice can be picked Up while eliminating a lot of environmental noise, and strive to record the quality of reliable, perfect presentation of the new Up Lord’s charm.

So how to choose a suitable recording/mini microphone?

I want to share with you my Up main mini microphone shopping experience.

For example, I suggest using a sensitive capacitive microphone to take the indoor recording environment, which is not extremely quiet. Professional-grade capacitive mics can fully display Up master sound details and are more reliable in recording quality.

The moving coil mic corresponding to the capacitor mic is more suitable for outdoor recording/live broadcasting in a complex noise environment. Indoor live broadcasting and Vlog shooting are not recommended.

mini microphone

Secondly, the microphone should have a certain noise reduction and seismic ability to ensure that the voice is clear and transparent, avoid recording or live including miscellaneous environmental noise, and not increase the workload of later audio processing.

Again, remember the eight words “adjust measures to local conditions, practical,” do not only to the appearance of the level of heroes. For example, a small footprint, flexible placement, and compatibility with various stand devices are more practical for space-constrained desktop environments.

Construction Solid Enough

The mono directional microphone is metal made, solid enough to withstand varied severe weather conditions and to get adapted to different shooting scenarios

even when it is the filming of cycling, skiing, and hiking.

K Series Vlogger Kits

Intended to make life easy for content creators, SYNCO provides every piece of vlogging equipment needed to create online video content on mobile devices. We even enter in product areas we have never got involved in, like LED lights. All this aims to make life simpler for potential buyers and meanwhile, provide a product range complete and ready for current and future dealers.

Hence, the brand-new all-in-one SYNCO vlogger kits were announced to become additions to our range of creative solutions for every recording situation. Carefully designed as a mobile film-making package, they feature a high-quality condenser microphone, a LED light, a mini tripod and accessories. The M1S directional microphone in each kit focuses on picking up what it is pointed at while reducing the background noise, ensuring audio is clean and intelligible.

For an Up master with high-quality vlog video output, the professional equipment is one of the first; the practical equipment is the second, and the cost control is the best. Although the Razer Sound Siren mini version belongs to the entry-level positioning, it meets my recording needs in practical terms, supplemented my daily use of the collar microphone use scene, the overall experience is good, 5 stars full I give 4 and a half stars. In the live broadcast scene, the sound pickup effect can meet the basic needs of anchors. For bloggers like me who will get involved in the live broadcast with goods sooner or later, it can also be used as an entry-level capacitor mic. It is also good to use it to stage before starting a more professional live broadcast mic. If your needs are similar to mine, try it out for yourself.