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 SEO Trends to Keep You on Top of the Game

Search engine optimization is a valuable digital service that works by increasing a website’s limelight on search engines. Almost every business is opting for this competent service because of its reliability andbenefits.

As SEO becomes a must-do activity, any SEO Toronto agency will tell you about their tactics and preferred tools. Generally, SEO improves organic ranking and gets a website in front of the right audience, but not following SEO trends might get you low results.

Although every company runs SEO it’s way, here are the top trends to make every effort fruitful;

Undeniable Trends That Count

1. Zero-Click Searches

65% of all Google searches yielded zero clicks between January and December 2020, according to a SimilarWeb study. This indicates that internet users found what they were looking for without clicking any website link. It is common as some users are pretty impatient, and this provides a better experience for them. Google generally takes a snippet from ranked website pages that provide the most satisfying answer to what a user seeks in a search engine.

More and more users prefer this style as it’s more convenient and a flexible option. As an SEO agency, you can win featured snippets by optimizing for zero-click searches. One of the best approaches to this is by implementing structured data on a website, which helps organize website page information.

When your page features zero-click searches, it can increase website traffic in case users find the answer more appealing.

2. Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers (BERT)

Google continues with its algorithm updates- BERT, which improves how the search engine understands languages and queries. With this technique, the primary aim is to take the query as a whole instead of nitpicking every single word. It also helps Google to match queries with the most relevant result.

With the fact that voice searches are becoming more popular, it is essential to craft quality content to earn your website page limelight. Try to understand your targeted audience and cover topics relevant to them.

3. Rich Media

Google focuses on providing a seamless experience to its users, and incorporating videos into your SEO content is quite rewarding. Not only that, users love amazing videos as it keeps them engaged and can easily remember them. Nowadays, videos are the simplest way to improve SEO and cultivate better online opportunities. Crafting good videos encourages users to share them, which increases your backlinks and boosts your SERP ranking.

Check your video transcript for any errors (grammatical or typos) and embed the proper keywords. You can also leverage the caption feature for web crawlers. Keep the videos clear, engaging, and smart.


You will find a range of SEO trends, and some SEO companies may prefer specific techniques over others. Either way, the provided trends should be at your fingertips to improve your visibility on SERPs. Google recurrently improves its search function, and considering the changes helps you stay on top of the game.

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