Prickly Pear Oil a New Sensation in The Skin Care Regime

Many people wish they have excellent face oil to solve their skin problem. It is a simple explanation for people’s obsession with coconut and argan oil. There is a new product in the category of face oil, and it is prickly pear seed oil. It is skin-softening and highly moisturizing oil extracted from cactus.

Recently, experts are talking about the prickly pear oil skin benefits making people curious to know more about the ingredient. Many people are browsing through Averr Aglow to get more information and products with prickly pear oil to see the results. Averr Aglow offers all the information people need to know about the ingredients and products to satisfy people’s curiosity and skincare needs. The beautiful alien-like pear fruit on the crown of the cactus is a rare gem.

The desert-bound wanderers see it as a gift of God. The Prickly Pear fruit is a super fruit full of sweet and succulent hydrating juices and potent vitamins. In fact, the single serving of the fruit contains high dose of calcium, potassium, nutritional copper, and magnesium, along with 24% of your daily requirement of vitamin C. The skin benefits of this super fruit include –

  • Prevention of skin damage
  • Reduction of breakouts
  • Boosting skin hydration
  • Assisting the absorption of other vitamins
  • Stimulating collagen production
  • Fading under-eye bags

The prickly pear oil can do wonders to your skin. You ought to know all about the fruit to get maximum benefit from it. What are you waiting for? Read on to find out what this fruit is and about its uses of this fruit?

What is a prickly pear?

As you read earlier, a prickly pear is a fruit on the crown of a cactus. It has many names like nopak, fig opuntia, or Barbary fig. It is a widespread cactus species people grow commercially around the world. For hundreds of years, people in the desert have been eating it. They also use it to make their traditional medicines.

Recently, it has emerged as a super product for skincare. The prickly pear oil is the botanical concentration of prickly pear seeds. The oil has tripled the amount of vitamin C than argan oil or other star ingredients. The gentle oil has numerous benefits and is suitable for all skin types.

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Who can use it?

Prickly pear seed oil is magical and safe. The answer is simple for anyone as it is suitable for all skin types. People with dry or mature skin may reap significant benefits because of the collagen-stimulating and hydrating properties of the versatile natural ingredient. It works wonders for both people addressing the signs of aging and people starting their preventive care for anti-aging.

While talking about how to use it, you can find many products available in the market. You can pick your choice from serums to oils, masks, and other products, including this versatile ingredient, and start using it.

While talking about the drawback, there are none, except the case of allergic people. Many experts suggest prickly pear seed oil as the next big skincare craze.