To treat any health condition, we work to first understand what is happening with us and our bodies. Only when one knows the underlying condition, can one treat it. The same happens with hair loss. Hair loss is something that we all experience. Despite being a collective experience, there are reasons behind why one is experiencing it. Based on the cause, it can become easier to do effectively and efficiently target hair loss. To determine the cause head to a hair transplantation clinic. Even before you can do that, you would still want to understand what could be the possible reason. Having some sort of idea can also help calm the nerves. This doesn’t mean that you don’t need to head to the clinic. The following are some common causes of hair loss.

Androgenetic Alopecia

Some people are born with a genetic disposition for hair loss. This is known as androgenetic alopecia. It is a permanent hair loss which impacts more men than women. Due to this reason, it is also often referred to as male pattern baldness. Men begin to experience a receding hairline along the temples that leave behind widow’s peaks. Hair loss can also follow a horseshoe pattern in men, in which hair is left behind on the sides and base of the head. Women experience androgenetic alopecia in the form of hair thinning and widening of the part.


Ageing takes a toll on the body and hair follicles are no exception to that. Once we hit the 60s, the follicles begin to deteriorate. This leads to hair loss. If you’ve crossed that age, hair loss is caused due to ageing. This alopecia is permanent.


It is common knowledge that stress is not good for the body. We often forget that stress also impacts hair loss. If you have been under emotional and physical stress, you might begin to experience hair loss. Once the body begins to recover, slowly and steadily you will notice the shedding slow down. With time, new hair growth will begin.

Health Picture

Hair loss can be caused by poor health, serious illness and medical conditions. Everyone is aware of hair loss being caused by chemotherapy and immunosuppressive conditions. Apart from that, when the nutrients aren’t balanced it can also lead to hair loss. For example lack of Vitamin B and iron are also underlying causes of hair loss. Undergoing a blood test can help you to understand your health and what might be causing the hair loss. Various medications can also cause hair loss like those for blood pressure, acne, heart disease and diabetes.

Pregnancy and Menopause

Childbirth takes a toll on the woman’s body. The hormones begin to be all over the place. Due to this, women begin to experience a lot of hair loss. As the body starts to recover and the hormones start to settle, that’s when hair regrowth begins. Hair loss that is caused by menopause is permanent.