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Why are they more fun than ‘real’ solitaire?

Solitaire – a game for everyone

Solitaire games are some of the most popular casual games ever. They are so addictive that you will often find yourself playing for prolonged periods of time. One of the biggest reasons for that is their simple nature. They are suitable for all kinds of players whether old or young. The rules are also very easy to learn. In order to play, you will only need a deck of cards. The best part is that you can play the games all by yourself. A lot of times you will find yourself competing against yourself trying to get better and breaking your own records. If you have played solitaire before, then you know how addictive the games are.

Solitaire card games only require a deck of cards; some variations of solitaire like Spider Solitaire are often played with more than 1 deck while games like FreeCell or Klondike generally only need 1. All solitaire games are a great way to get rid of your boredom. Despite the game’s simplicity, it is very tough to master and requires lots of concentration and patience. The addictive nature of solitaire makes online solitaire games one of the most popular type of online games. All you have to do is move cards around in an orderly fashion until you win.

Online solitaire

In the recent years, online solitaire games have become very popular; especially when computers started taking on a more commercial role in the market. In the 1990s, Microsoft introduced solitaire games on all their operating systems. One of the biggest reasons behind solitaire’s popularity today is its digital implementation on computers by Microsoft. It was initially added to teach people how to use a mouse, but then it quickly gained people’s attention. The game has now become popular worldwide thanks to millions of people who enjoy playing the game daily. It is safe to say solitaire has now become a sensation. 

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Nowadays, a lot of fans prefer computerized or online versions of solitaire. According to them, online solitaire games are more fun as compared to the real deal. 

Why is online solitaire more fun

There are a number of reasons why online solitaire is preferred over the traditional card games. I have listed the most common reasons below:

  1. Generally playing is free. While many do not realize this, online solitaire is completely free! You can play it anytime and anywhere. Even if you do not have an active internet connection, you can download it for future playing on your laptop, mobile or tablet. You can simply pick up your device and start playing whenever you feel like it. No need to always pay for new deck of cards. My personal favorite place to play solitaire games would always be
  2. You do not need to set up the cards. I feel like this is one of the biggest reasons behind the popularity of online solitaire games. There are so many popular solitaire variants out there that are very difficult to keep track. All of them have very different rules too. In some games, the cards are dealt face up, while in others they are face down. They are even dealt completely differently for each game. It is a tiresome job to always set up the cards in a specific way when you are in the mood to play. Moreover, you will again have to set them up if you wish to go for another round. With online solitaire games you do not have to worry about any of this. You just need to press a button and let the computer handle the rest.
  3. It is very accessible. Online solitaire provides easy accessibility for playing solitaire. All you need is an internet connection and an electronic device with you. Even if you do not have internet, you can download the games on your device. You do not have to keep all the decks of cards with you. Nor do you need to have space to lay out the cards to play – imagine trying to play with a pack of cards on a bus journey or in the back seat of the car! Playing on a hand held device makes playing especially easy and a great time filler, especially if you are travelling long distances.
  4. It provides additional functionality. Online solitaire games provide a lot more functionality to the player. They have sounds, graphics, and other features like an undo button. You can even set a difficulty level of your choice and play accordingly. One of my favourite features about online solitaire is the customization. You can set your own controls, sound, hotkeys, and animation speed. All of this really brings out the fun in playing solitaire.
  5. New player experience. Online solitaire games are a good way for beginners to start. Firstly, you do not have to memorize all the rules by yourself. The game will teach you that. Secondly, there are options like ‘hint’ or ‘undo’ which allow you to learn and correct your mistakes. This is very useful for players who are just starting to play solitaire.

To conclude, online solitaire games have a lot of amazing features that make the game much more entertaining. It is obvious that a lot of people prefer the online solitaire instead. If you want to play solitaire online yourself, it is totally free to play at this website:

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