Online Dream Journal

We live in a world dominated by the virtual world. With technology, many of the things we do have alternatives that are easier and more accessible. The situation is the same with keeping a dream journal. In old ways, we would directly think of a pen and a notebook that is designed as a diary to keep our memories in. But now, we have our phones and computers with thousands of apps that are one click away. And of course, they make things easier for us.

When we have dreams, we want to analyze them and put the pieces together to comprehend the message that we want to get. To analyze and interpret our dreams for our benefit, we need to remember some pieces from our dreams. And even though we feel like we can remember what happened in our dream, we tend to forget almost everything in hours. That is why sometimes we cannot remember anything about our dreams, such as who was included in our dreams or what we were wearing. To make it easier to remember our dreams, we need to keep track of them by recording them in some way.

Tracking Your Dreams

Keeping a dream journal is a very useful way of keeping track of your dreams. However, always having to look for a pen and paper whenever we have a dream can be hard. Luckily, there are apps or online sites for that, like Dreambook. With one click, we can reach online sites or apps that provide us with dream journal services. We can take notes, write down the story as much as we can remember, and save those notes to our dream journal.

Our memories are not that great when it comes to remembering our dreams, at least for a great majority of us. Sometimes we get greatly influenced by the dream we had and we want to tell someone about our dream in great detail. If we do that first thing in the morning, we have a chance to get our story straight. However, after some hours pass, our memory of the dream tends to lose its freshness and we end up wondering what was the important detail about that dream. So, instead of trying to tell it by talking to someone, we can use an online dream journal to record every specific detail from our dream that we can remember. In the end, you know what they say, the palest ink is better than the sharpest memory!

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