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Need a cool look on your phone? Here’s how to get it with Wave Live Wallpapers HD & 3D Wallpaper Maker!

 If you’re looking for visual excitement, take Wave Live Wallpapers HD & 3D Wallpaper Maker for a cruise.


Because they know how to style up your phone and get that groovy look you wanted.

One of their most exciting artwork is the 3d wallpapers collection. They look amazing and are easy to get on any phone resolution. On top of it, with Wave’s Wallpaper Maker, you can create your own amazing phone backgrounds.

Ready to find out more about the new age live wallpapers? Let’s start!

1. The science behind these moving wallpapers

I must say, when I first saw a 3D live wallpaper seemed a bit unrealistic.

How can you get that crazy visual depth on your screen, and have a perfectly functional phone, to tackle your daily tasks with?

Then I found out, it’s really no joke. My first 3D wallpaper looked like it was coming out of my screen, and I admit it got my attention instantly.

So it’s all fun when you’re watching it or playing with it because some are interactive. But their battery optimization technology stops video rendering while you’re in another app or when the screen is locked. So it’s not a battery drainer as many would think, without even trying the new age live wallpapers by Wave.

You can charge your phone like you normally do, and everything is dandy.

2. What are some of the best ones?

Getting to it, their 3D wallpapers cover various themes, from animated backgrounds to technology, cyberpunk, butterfly, spooky wallpapers and more. These are just the ones that seem to be more popular among their community of live wallpapers users and creators.

If you’re into the ‘tell me you’re a geek without telling me you’re a geek’ trend, then you will love their tech wallpapers that look like magic liquid is slowly flowing through golden pipes that can only happen in sci-fi movies.

Or that a snake just bit your screen and cracked it into pieces. But simmer down. There’s more to come.

If you feel like you need something else, know that you can make your own, in the 3D wallpaper maker.

Which leads us to..

3. The 3D wallpaper maker

If you’re wondering if it’s a breeze to create a 3D wallpaper, know that it’s not quite easy. But Wave Live Wallpapers made it pretty simple, so everyone can enjoy and sharpen their creative skills.

Here are the 4 easy steps you have to follow, so you can use the wallpaper maker:

– Open the app and go to Create

– Choose 3D Photo

– Pick an HD wallpaper that you like and start moving your screen to check the cool effect

– Apply extra layers and effects on choice

Useful hint: Try to find a photo with an element in the middle, whether it’s a tree, an animal or an object, that will reflect much better the moving wallpaper.

4. How to get this phone wallpapers app?

Go to Google Play Store and search Live Wallpapers HD & 3D Wallpaper Maker or just click the link on their name to download the app.

The IOS version is in the works, but we’re excited to hear about it soon!

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