Matt Davies Harmony Communities Explains Everything You Should Know About Munchkin Cats


According to Matt Davies Harmony Communities, a munchkin cat is a feline with short legs and small stature. The short legs are caused by a genetic mutation known as achondroplasia and that makes this breed adorable to a lot of people. Let’s check out everything you should know about munchkin cats. 

The Explanation

  1. Size of munchkin cats – Munchkin cats usually grow to 7 to 8 inches in height and are around 6 to 9 pounds as full-grown adult cats. Combine that with the standard lifespan of around 12 to 15 years and they aren’t any different from regular cats. However, munchkin cats are usually more sociable than other cats and love to play and run around. 

They grow long and silky coats and their fur can range in color from black to white, brown, and orange. Despite their short legs, these cats are quite strong and speed up effectively due to their hind legs being larger than their front legs. That makes up for the lack of jumping height and power.  

  1. Hoarders – In a lot of ways, munchkin cats are like dogs and birds with a tendency to hoard a lot of shiny objects. That’s why munchkin cats are often referred to as the ‘magpies’ of the cat world. They steal, hoard, hide shiny objects, and don’t miss an opportunity to get a hold of unattended trinkets. You’ll often find your jewelry missing if you have a munchkin in your home. 
  2. Munchkin cats aren’t very new – Most people perceive munchkin cats as a new breed that has been bred into existence within the past decade or so. However, European veterinarians came across a cat breed with remarkably short legs as early as the 1930s. During the second World War, this breed vanished from most cities. However, they did make a comeback during the 80s in the US and since then have been bred and officially recognized by The International Cat Association.  
  3. Health of munchkin cats – Munchkin cats used to be a very controversial breed since people were concerned about their health. Their short legs contributed to a different spinal structure and should have limited their mobility. However, they are now considered a healthy breed with no tendencies of having genetic deficiencies (except the short legs). 
  4. Easy to train and good pets – These short-legged felines are very easy to train. They can be taught to play fetch or walk on a leash just like a dog. They are also highly intelligent and can respond to your commands. Due to their sociable and friendly nature along with their self-assured personality, munchkin cats make excellent and loving pets. They are very responsive.   


Matt Davies Harmony Communities suggests that you use the above-mentioned information to make yourself more familiar with the munchkin cat breed. If you plan to get one of these cats for yourself, you won’t have to worry since they are easy to train and can be excellent companions.

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