Is methylfolate 15mg okay to use?

Remember, the first thing never decides the dose of any medicine yourself, even if you feel mild disease symptoms. If you are not taking medication as directed by your doctor it may put you in a severe condition, even death. Hence, adhere to your healthcare instructions if you want to get better medication results.

Let’s discuss about methylfolate and find out 15 mg is okay to use or not?

What is methylfolate?

Methylfolate is a natural,pure bio-functional form of vitamin b9 (folates). It carries various processes and vital components in forming active chemicals, DNA, chromosomes, RNA, red blood cells, etc. Your body can make methylfolate by converting folate or folic acid into it with the aid of the MTHFR enzyme. If your body experiences its deficiency could lead to irreversible health problems.

Your dining or eating plate should contain folate-dense foods and adopt a healthy lifestyle. You may know your lifestyle also shows the impact on your health. To overcome its deficiency, methylfolate supplements and folic acid are also added to fortified foods.

How to take methylfolate?

Methylfolate is an exclusivechemical known as medicinal food among all medicines and a safe chemical with mild side effects. You can take a methylfolate dose before meals or with meals. You can also take methylfolate with an empty stomach 2-3 hours before a meal; if your stomach doesn’t show any problems. The time of day also affects the effectiveness of methylfolate, taking the dose at the same time daily.

You know methylfolate work in the brain industry; its imbalance concentrations in the brain may spur problems. Please, use it consciously.

Don’t use a less or higher dose of methylfolate than prescribed by your doctor. It would be best if you followthe instructions of your healthcare.

Is methylfolate 15 mg okay to use?

Your doctor would decide whether you use methylfolate 15 mg or not. The methylfolate dose may vary for different diseases and methylfolate dose of various illnesses such as;

  • Depression disorders with antipsychotic drugs; 5 mg – 15 mg
  • Diabetic neuropathy; 3mg
  • Dementia; 5–6 mg
  • Pregnancy; 1mg – 4mg
  • Megaloblastic anemia; 5 – 15 mg
  • Hepatic and renal impairment; nearly 40 mg

You can see the dose of methylfolate is prescribed according to the requirement to fight diseases. It is available in the form of a capsule, chewable tablets. According to our online research, you don’t need to take methylfolate supplements if you are fulfilling your body’s needs through foods. If you face health problems, talk to your doctor and use his prescribed dose. Hence, the 15 mg amount of methylfolate is okay if your mental condition is not good and you feel upset.

And, always try to purchase methylfolate of internationally registered brands.

Moreover, if you are already using other medications that may interact with methylfolate may interrupt it to work well. Therefore, it would be best to disclose everything about yourself infront of your doctor.


Methylfolate is a unique, exclusive, and safe chemical that doctors prescribe as medicinal supplement. Methyl folate dose is different for different types of disease. If you want to get rid of depression symptoms, 15 mg methylfolate is best with antidepressant drugs. Please, visit your professional healthcare before using any dose of methylfolate.


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