Interesting Ways to Enjoy Rare Australian Whisky

Australia has an up-and-coming whisky scene that is starting to be known worldwide. The demand for this premium spirit continues to increase as customers pursue luxury drinks made with high-quality ingredients. Since the popularity of rare whisky in Australia from the 293 registered whisky distilleries in Tasmania, New South Wales, and Victoria continue to reach greater heights, you can expect more people in various parts of the world to get hooked with this renowned spirit.

Finding the best bottle of rare whisky can be a major feat. But you do not have to wait for a special occasion to enjoy this delectable treat. Instead, you can make this drink extra special by finding the best ways to serve and sip the drink to take advantage of its unique and rich flavour profile. Here are some of the best ways to savour Australia’s best bottles of whisky.

Serve It Neat

Devour a good bottle of rare whisky in Australia in its purest, unadulterated form. You do not need to serve it with water, ice, or other accompaniments. You only need to serve it straight from the container and let your tastebuds experience the fine spirits.

If you plan to serve whisky neat during a tasting event, you need to learn how to cleanse your palate in between every sip. A serving of cool water in between each sip is necessary to prepare yourself for the next flavour profile.

Add a Little Water

Some whisky enthusiasts enjoy drinking the liquid gold with several drops of water. According to the whisky experts, mixing a couple of drops of water enhances the spirits’ taste. It opens up the flavour profile and makes the drink more interesting.

For the uninitiated, adding water to whisky sounds counterintuitive because it weakens the flavour. But according to science, the practice of diluting whisky with a little water helps make the compound called guaiacol become more evident in the drink. Once guaiacol emerges on the surface of the drink, it would be easier for the drinker to enjoy whisky’s distinct smell and flavour.

Serve On the Rocks

Pouring over your favourite bottle of rare Australian whisky over large ice cubes can be another interesting way to drink it. The ice helps keep the drink chilled while diluting it to expose its delicate flavours.

Some whisky lovers who prefer their drinks on the rocks make the drink a little cooler. The water from the melted ice can make the drink more flavourful and palatable. If You Need More Information Visit Moviesflix

Consider Drinking the Highball

Bring out your highball glass to turn your favourite rare whisky into a refreshing drink. You only need to combine the luxurious drink with a mixer such as soda then fill it with ice. This option will let you enjoy the heightened fruity and floral notes on your drink, especially during a hot and humid day in Australia.

Create a Cocktail

For the adventurous, you can match your whisky with your chosen whisky with other garnishments or ingredients.

Some of the most common ingredients added to whisky to create cooling cocktails include simple syrup, soda water, mint and other herbs, fruit juices, and other fresh fruits for garnishing. You can also add more ice to make the drink extra refreshing.

Australia’s rare whisky production may become more in-demand in the coming years because of its growing popularity. So if you have a bottle of this precious drink in your liquor collection, you must savour each shot to have the most pleasurable drinking experience. Read More About: Iflix