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How to simplify your Wi-Fi sharing means with QR codes?

Since most people prefer to go to places that offer a free internet connection for them, places like malls, restaurants, and more, are now integrating the use of free to use Wi-Fi for customers and guests to use while dining, shopping, or waiting for their transactions to go through.

And as they are offering their customers and guests the internet connection they may need to work through their social media and more, the hassle in placing the password in a piece of paper and sharing them with every customer seeking their free Wi-Fi service increases and contributes to more paper being used and thrown in the trash.

Aside from the amount of paper being wasted in printing unique Wi-Fi passwords for the customers to use and connect, the hassle in typing in the Wi-Fi passwords in the customer’s and guest’s phones is a prevalent issue that they encounter.

Because of the Wi-Fi connection issues they encounter with the traditional sharing of passwords to their customers, restaurants, shops, and more, the owners of these public places are looking for a better alternative to simplify their means of sharing their WI-Fi passwords.

And with different ways to consider in making their Wi-Fi sharing easier, the use of QR codes becomes their main remedy in ending the traditional means of logging into their wireless internet connection.

How to create a Wi-Fi QR code?

Now that many techy public place owners are integrating the use of QR codes in sharing their internet connection with their customers and guests, the idea of integrating the use of them in one’s private home starts with knowing how to create a Wi-Fi QR code.

1. Go to an online Free QR code generator and open an account.

To start creating your Wi-Fi QR code, you must first go to an online QR code generator that allows the creation of this QR code solution

2. Select the “Wi-Fi” category and input the needed details.

Once you have opened the QR code generator website, select the “Wi-Fi” category and input the necessary data needed to create your Wi-Fi QR code.

3. Generate your Wi-Fi QR code

After filling up the requirements presented in the Wi-Fi category, you can proceed in creating your QR code by clicking the “Generate QR code” icon.

4. Personalize your QR code design and run a scan test

Proceed in customizing your QR code design by simply redesigning your QR code’s color, eye shape, and pattern to align with your house or business theme. Once, you are done customizing your QR code, do a series of scan tests to ensure that you successfully connect to your internet connection.

5. Download your Wi-Fi QR code and distribute it to others

After you are satisfied with your QR code scanning test, continue downloading your Wi-Fi QR code and distribute them to people who want to connect to your internet connection. For printed QR codes, you can select the SVG option and download your code.

How to scan a Wi-Fi QR code?

With many businesses and homes integrating the use of a Wi-Fi QR code to seamlessly create a simpler way for people to connect to their wireless internet connection, the problem in scanning a Wi-Fi QR code still prevails.

To resolve this issue, there are two different ways for a person to scan the code and connect to their corresponding Wi-Fi.

Using the integrated QR code scanner app in smartphones with Android OS version 9 to latest and IOS version 11 and above:

  1. Open your smartphone and go to your QR code scanner
  2. Select scan QR code.
  3. Correctly scan the QR code
  4. Wait for the information to be displayed on your screen.
  5. Connect to the Wi-Fi

Using a QR code scanner app:

  1. Open the QR code scanner app
  2. Select the Scan icon
  3. Point your QR code scanner to the QR code and scan.
  4. Wait for the information to display and tap connect to Wi-Fi.


And as the internet connection is becoming one of today’s must-have tools for digital customers, the demand for integrating a seamless way to connect people to their internet connection increases.

Now that more devices have the capability to scan and unlock new information with QR codes, numerous ways in integrating them emerge and one of them is the wifi QR code.

By integrating the use of an online QR code generator with logo to create QR codes, a scan and tap future is within reach.

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