We all dream of having a clear complexion. This is often a driving factor in having an intense skincare regime. We try all sorts of products to help us achieve that. That paired with the environmental factors can only slow down the process. Sometimes, the skincare regime is started so late that you need an extra hand to help you start afresh. Laser skin whitening is a great option for reducing redness and spider veins. It can efficiently reduce the appearance of pores and target unwanted melanin to lighten the skin. It is an excellent option to undo sun damage. This laser treatment is safe and can help achieve great results. When it comes to laser treatments there are a lot of misconceptions and we are here to help you understand this innovative technology and how it can help you.

Why should you consider skin-lightening treatment?

You must’ve noticed the discoloured spots on the face, neck and sometimes at the back of the hand. These are age spots which are also known as sunspots. Their appearance is due to the uneven distribution of melanin, which begins by the age of 40. Melanin pigments absorb the sunlight and protect the skin from harmful UV rays. There are various triggers which cause an uneven melanin deposit like sunlight, hormones, genetics and medications. When this happens, it leads to hyperpigmentation. You can often find this hyperpigmentation around the mouth and eyes. It is also present in acne scars and other rough areas like the elbows and knees. Skin lightening treatment can target hyperpigmentation and help achieve a smoother complexion. It is a great option for blemish-free skin, achieving bright skin around the eyes and a lighter and even complexion. Another great thing about this treatment is that the treated area becomes smooth and hair-free. Along with that, it also fades and minimizes the appearance of the scar.

How does the laser treatment work?

The laser treatment is incredibly effective. With recent innovations, they’ve become highly comfortable. The laser treatment targets the pigments and breaks them down into fine particles. These fine particles are removed by the system quickly. Due to this approach, fewer laser treatments are required to achieve results. In most cases, you will begin to see results after the first session. The great thing about this laser treatment is that there are 4 different wavelengths and 14 modalities. This versatile nature of laser treatment allows it to target all types of pigmentation and treat various skin tones.

Book a consultation

If laser treatment is something you’ve been thinking about, it is time to book a consultation. The surgeon will carry out a thorough skin analysis and discuss your aesthetic goals. Keeping this in mind, they will suggest the best treatment option for you. Consultation is the time to build rapport and understand the procedure. it is the ideal opportunity to settle your concerns.