How To Get A Cheap Divorce In Boston 

Divorce can be an expensive process. The average divorce costs range between $15000 to $30000. That is a lot of money for the average American, and unfortunately, money is why many people unwillingly stay in unhappy marriages. However, if you live in Boston, you can find cheaper ways of getting divorced. After all, you deserve to be happy too.

If you are considering divorce but are worrying about the costs, an attorney from Turco Legal law firm can help you. There are several ways of getting divorced, some methods more expensive than others. Moreover, the decisions you make and strategies you use during the process also affect the cost factor. Consult with an attorney to know more today.

Getting a cheap divorce in Boston: Tips and tricks 

  • Choose mediation instead of litigation. 

Most attorneys suggest divorcing clients settle their case privately by listening to each other’s needs and wants and compromising where required instead of taking the case to court. This is mainly because when a divorce case goes to court, it takes much more time and money to derive an outcome. Moreover, the outcome may not even be in your favor.

Instead, hire a mediator and use mediation to conclude. The mediator is a neutral third party and will help you and your spouse settle while keeping both of your interests in mind. 

  • Work out on your own. 

One way to get a majorly discounted divorce is by speaking to your spouse privately and working out the issues on your own. This way, you will spend less time with your attorneys and mediators and save money on legal fees. The fewer issues you disagree on, the less expensive your divorce is going to be. 

  • Try online divorce services. 

You can opt for online divorce services if you and your spouse agree on the divorce terms but do not have the time or money to go through the extensive process. Online divorces are extremely cheap compared to offline ones, ranging between $150 to $900. The total fee depends on your state, the company you choose, and the services you render. 

  • Get fees waived or deferred. 

If you cannot pay the legal fees for your divorce, you can have them waived. To prove that you are eligible, you must bring proof of low income or assets. These include receiving food stamps, Medicaid, or other supplements from the government. You can also defer your payments, meaning you can pay later when you have appropriate funds.

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