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How does the Google image search engine work?

its operating principle is very similar to that of a search engine, and it will go through the following three steps:

  • Crawling
  • Indexing
  • Ranking Ranking

The Google Image bot will first crawl the pictures of various websites on the Internet, and crawl all the contents of the pictures published on the Internet into its own database for storage. You can use websites like to find similar images on the internet. This database is like a library, which contains a large number of books. Encyclopedias, novels, foreign language textbooks and other various books, the Google image database is stocked with various sizes, various formats, and various types of pictures.

However, such a large number of pictures must be indexed to be able to find the picture that the user wants to find among the large number of pictures. The Google image indexing method is very similar to the Google search method. The image crawler robot will crawl the image URL in the website source code (for example: 

After crawling all the URL images, Google Images will The developed picture classification system classifies pictures into suitable concept indexes. However, the scope of the conceptual index can be large or small. If the conceptual index is more abstract, the scope that can be covered is larger, and the more specific, the scope of the index that can be covered is smaller. For example, you have a picture of an apple on your website today. In the Google image database, it is called “food”, “fruit”, “apple”, “banana”, and “pineapple” in the conceptual index. Google uses high-precision images The recognition system confirms that the picture is an apple and categorizes it into the three conceptual indexes of “food”, “fruit”, and “apple”. In the future, when users use Apple’s image search, images in the image database that meet these three concept indexes will appear on the image search results at a discount.

Create an index for the image, and finally determine the ranking of the image. Just like the spirit of Google search, the more it can solve the user’s problem and the better the ranking of the image that meets the needs, the better the Google image. The richer the information of the image, the more satisfying According to the needs of users, the image search results appear in the front. For example, if you want someone to search for pictures on the LCD screen today, if you provide manufacturer, price, and specification information on the picture page, the search result ranking of the picture will be higher.

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