Here is How to learn & play rummy?

Rummy is a dynamic game that can be played with 2 to 6 players. Playing rummy can be exhilarating when you play by the rules and understand the game. Points are counted and the objective is clearly defined. This is a game of observation, strategy, and some luck as well. You can plan and not leave everything up to chance while playing this exciting game!

Getting started

Let us begin with understanding what Indian rummy entails. Each player is dealt 13 cards at the beginning of the game which also includes jokers. These cards need to be arranged into a sequence or a set. Every turn, a player is supposed to pick up a card from the 2 decks (open and close) and discard a card on the open deck. The player who finishes first and makes a valid declaration wins the game. From low to high, points are counted by the number on the card starting from two to ten, Jack, Queen, and King. The Aces, Kings, Queens, and Jacks are 10 points each. The joker has no value and is not assigned points. The winner gets 0 points and the one with the least point wins the tournament! Points rummy makes the game much more exciting.


Before making a declaration, it’s wise to cross-check your cards, or may end up with a penalty. For valid declaration, you must have 2 sequences and 2 sets or 3 sequences and 1 set or all 4 sequences. At least 1 sequence should be a pure sequence or a sequence without jokers. A sequence can have up to 4 cards and should have a minimum of 3 cards. There is also a second sequence, which can be an impure or pure sequence. Forming 2 sequences is mandatory before you declare.

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In a rummy card game, 3 or 4 cards of the same rank but a different suit can be used. A joker can also be used to substitute in place of a card. You cannot have more than one card of a particular suit in a set.

Importance of jokers in rummy

Jokers are very important in rummy and can be useful should you be lucky enough to get one. There are 2 types of jokers. One of those is the printed joker which is available with the deck. The other kind is called a wild joker. Wild joker is named at the beginning of the game and serves the same purpose. A wild joker can be any card and don’t fret if you wish to form a sequence around it. In a pure sequence, the wild joker is used because of its original value and not as a joker.

All the cards that you are holding should be a part of a set or a sequence and you cannot have any detached cards while making a declaration or else it is deemed as invalid.

Invalid declaration

If you make an invalid declaration and only 2 players are a part of the game then the other person wins instantly. If are more players at the table then the game goes on till one of the players makes a valid declaration.

Enjoy playing rummy with your friends and family. The healthy competition that rummy brings to the table can take it up a notch!

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