Has Jake Paul used crypto & NFTs to extort $2.2 million from his fans?

YouTuber Coffeezilla is famous for dissing influencers that are involved in shady scams. Coffeezilla has recently made an online video in which he accuses Jake Paul of tricking his younger viewers with Crypto and NFT.

Jake Paul has now been playing around with the crypto market for a long time and has recently been dipping his toes in the NFT market which resulted in certain ambiguous situations. Jake Paul was one of the influential people who were sued along with SafeMoon LLC for making “false or misleading claims” to investors via social media regarding SAFEMOON Token. 


The tokens were bought between March 8th, 2021 and Feb. 17, 2022. However, the company behind them is believed to have been an alleged pump-and-dump operation, similar to those of Save The Kids. In a scheme known as a pump and dump, social media influencers are involved in branding a cryptocurrency that causes investors to purchase at an overpriced price before they sell their own stakes and earn a profit from the high cost of their customers who bought into it.

Coffeezilla has stated in a recent investigative film that there are other scams going on behind the scenes that the majority of people don’t know about.


Coffeezilla exposes Jake Paul crypto scams

Coffeezilla began with a discussion of Jake Paul’s public cryptocurrency wallet. This included the supposed Sacred Devil promotional scam that offered Paul more than $140k. It was also linked to a possibility of an NFT scam where Paul convinced his followers to purchase the Sacred Devil NFTs. This Coffeezilla claimed resulted in everyone involved “suffering nearly-total losses.”

Jake Paul also funded a separate NFT project dubbed Stickdix with the same wallet that he utilized for Sacred Devils. The now-defunct project earned $1.55 million to Jake Paul, so he’ll surely have some spare change to spend at the casino.

They were found on Jake Paul’s public. Coffeezilla also discovered a few “secret” wallets believed to belong to Jake Paul that showed who got gratis Safemoon on the day Paul promoted the token in the past year. According to Coffeezilla, his wallet received 54 trillion Safemoon on the day of the promotion that was quickly cashed out to a wallet dubbed “ProblemChild.” The same wallet is also connected to Paul’s campaign for MILK as well as the Yummy token.

In all three instances, Jake Paul never disclosed that he was a compensated influencer and the fact that he promoted the companies in these ads.

How much Did Jake Paul make from crypto frauds?

According to the latest Coffeezilla footage, Jake Paul made a substantial sum of money from his involvement with these questionable businesses.

Paul earned $1.56M from StickDix and $300K from Yummy and $190K from SafeMoon and $139K in Sacred Devils, and $50K from Milf. This means Jake Paul has allegedly scammed his fans with greater than $2.2 million.

How can an account that is named PRBLM Child prove that it is the property of Jake Paul? Could it not be just a coincidence? We and Coffeezilla both believe that this could be just a coincidence. However, the internet analysis reveals that the very first transaction to the PRBLM child wallet was done by the name of Jake Paul through his official cryptocurrency wallet that is listed on raribles.

This is the way Jake Paul has allegedly been operating the massive scam of crypto pump and dumps that he receives crypto tokens and promotes the tokens via Twitter to his followers and later transfers the coins he was gifted to the PRBLM Child’s wallet.

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