Creative Christmas Presents for Gamers

When choosing gifts for your nearest and dearest, you want to make them happy. If you’re not a gamer yourself, you may not know what to buy the gamer in your family for Christmas, whether it’s a family member who enjoys playing online video poker, someone who loves board games, or a serious online gamer. Here are some gift ideas to help you choose.

Shotglass roulette

Adults who enjoy playing at internet casinos will appreciate this game where you gamble with your taste buds. It’s great fun for a crowd who all enjoy playing casino games to play together. This roulette game consists of several shot glasses, metal balls, and a spinning wheel with shot glass holders. Simply spin the wheel and let the games begin.

Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade is a subscription service that offers quality games and a streamlined gaming experience. There are almost 150 games for mobile, and gamers can enjoy puzzle games, adventure, and action games without the inconvenience of ads. This is a good gift for kids who enjoy playing a variety of games and it is light on your wallet. If you’re looking for Christmas games for family, a single subscription gives up to six family members access to games.

Glorious Model O Gaming Mouse

This mouse is regarded by serious gamers to be one of the best models to hit the market. It has the benefit of being exceptionally light so it can elevate play. A wired mouse is better than a less-expensive wireless mouse and not as risky. A mouse which uses batteries may just die in the middle of a game which is a real problem for a serious gamer.

Astro Gaming A20 Wireless Gaming Headset

Astro makes great products, and this headset is extremely comfortable with great immersive sound. An optional dongle means the headset can be used with either of the next-gen consoles and this doubles its value.


In the board game Gloom Haven, gamers explore an ever-changing world, take on monsters and collect loot. They must play co-operatively to keep the story going. If you’re looking for a good game for literature students, they will enjoy the story unfolding in a huge expansive world with secrets to discover and dungeons to explore. The game has twists and turns, side quests, and incredible characters to meet.

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