Celebrating Festival When You Are Far From Home

Business sectors are generally swarmed with extra work during the ‘rakhi’ time of the year making it quite a hectic period to take some time off work. If you are far away from home where you ought to manage business finance during covid-19 pandemic, going back home for a day or two just to celebrate the occasion of rakhi may not be feasible. Hence, you will have to adapt to new ways and means to celebrate it from far.

Celebration of rakhi when you are not present:

It is a given that you will have to overcompensate for your absence on this day of bonding for siblings. A mere rakhi online for your brother or a chocolate assortment for your sister is not going to compensate for your absence. You need to get a bigger and better compilation of gifts. Pair the rakhi and chocolates with a nice arrangement of flowers and there you have it, the best rakhi gift ever!

Here are a few types of bouquets that you can send to your dear sibling on the auspicious occasion of rakhi:

  • Handtied: Handtied bouquets are another very popular option. They are often similar in size to nosegays but will have a more natural form, rather than the perfectly symmetrical dome shape of the nosegay bouquet. They work beautifully with flowers ranging from traditional peonies, roses, and hydrangeas to casual wildflowers such as daisies and asters. The stems of hand-tied bouquets are left exposed, instead of being covered in an elaborate bouquet wrap. A simple bow made of a luxurious ribbon makes for a lovely embellishment on the flower stems. Let the ribbon tails stream down for a pretty effect.
  • Nosegay: The nosegay is one of the most popular types of bouquets. This is the perfectly round arrangement of flowers and is especially favored by sisters who like roses. Nosegays can be composed of a single variety of blossoms or they can have a combination of blooms, as long as they work well together to create the signature round form of this very popular bouquet. Nosegays are sometimes embellished with ornaments to match the occasion they are being sent for.
  • Pomander: A sweet alternative to a handheld bouquet is the pomander. This is a round ball of flowers that hangs from a ribbon. they can be made with red coloured flowers with a hint of white and green. this kind of bouquet is extremely rare to come across. thus, you can send it to your lovely sibling stating how they are unique and one of a kind!
  • Cascade: Cascade bouquets fell out of favor for several years, but now they are back and better than ever. They got a bad reputation in the 1980s when they were very structured and stiff looking, but modern cascade bouquets have all of the drama with none of the contrived looks. The best cascade bouquets have a natural dripping effect and are often made with large dramatic flowers like orchids and lilies. Trailing ribbons and flower streamers can be added to make the cascade look even longer and more fabulous.
  • Posies: Posies are similar to nosegays in shape, but are smaller. These bouquets will make a perfect gift for your sibling who is a minimalist at heart. Due to the smaller size, posies are best put together when they are made with dainty flowers like lilies-of-the-valley. Sweet and thoughtful, posies have an old-fashioned charm.

There are many styles of bouquets that pair up perfectly for every occasion that you can fathom. rakhi happens to be one of the big occasions where you can surprise your sibling with a combination of gifts. Do not limit yourself to picking out only one kind of bouquet. be open to selecting and sending multiple arrangements for the occasion!

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