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Good news for all KBC fans using WhatsApp can now join KBC by calling KBC WhatsApp number 0019188444474. This KBC WhatsApp number is officially registered with KBC Lottery Winners, so if you are interested in participating in the KBC WhatsApp Lucky Draw, please call KBC WhatsApp (0019188444474). Also, if you accept a call regarding the 25 Lakh WhatsApp lottery or if the customer knows at that time 25 lakh KBC WhatsApp winner list 2021, call KBC headquarters please give me the WhatsApp number Show complete WhatsApp Worldwide Lucky Draw 2021 Information, WhatsApp Lucky Draw 2021 Winners List and KBC Lottery Fake WhatsApp Numbers.

KBC WhatsApp Number Call the WhatsApp hotline all day online, make a call or send a WhatsApp message for lottery-related information. The KBC WhatsApp hotline provides reliable data such as almost any lottery ticket. Similarly, dial the actual WhatsApp number 0019188444474 in the KBC headquarters for more information on the best way to get the KBC 2021 lottery.

Easy way to win the KBC lottery

These days, KBC is as accessible as the lottery. Kaun Banga Crorepati facilitates security. This is what we want to talk about here.

  1. To participate in Lucky Draw, you need a SIM card from India’s mobile network.
  2. Having an active SIM card is very important. SIM cards belong to each mobile network company.
  3. If you get your daily balance on your mobile, you are more likely to win.
  4. At KBC, the lottery is held on the last day of every month.
  5. KBC Lottery Number Check results will be announced on the 1st and 2nd day of the following month.
  6. You can easily see a list of winners and lottery results on this website.
  7. As a result, customers will receive fake calls based on their lucky draw. This isn’t good.
  8. That’s why Banga Crorepati makes it easy for you to see your online lottery if you get a fake call. Therefore, report only to the KBC head office.
  9. The operational staff of KBC will also be able to assist you. We will answer all your questions satisfactorily.

India SIM card WhatsApp Lucky Draw 2021

Dear WhatsApp users, if you are the winner of all Indian sim cards, WhatsApp Lucky Draw 2021, and if you are thinking about where to go now. In such cases, the scammer-free or cash-loving customer will start making payments repeatedly at the cold-blooded scammer’s request. You pay various fees such as bank handling, income, government spending, and a total of 5 or 7 handling charges. In this way, customers run out in a short time after meeting many expenses. Customers search pages of our official website without using a check. Today, we offer compelling information to our KBC lottery winners. Do not follow such people. Assuming you follow them, we can’t make any payments.

When you receive WhatsApp phone or SMS or WhatsApp lottery documents, currently, customers need to follow the helpline or rule number on the KBC official website page. Get clear information about KBC Jio WhatsApp Winner List 2021. You must first confirm your registration. At this point, you need to verify your lottery number from our administrative center. After that, you can be generous with what you get.

Beware of fake KBC lottery calls:

I understand the excitement, but the big B on the other side saying “Hello, main Amitabh Bachchan Bol Raha Hoon Kaun Banega Crore Pati Se” might not be. Instead, there’s a good chance you’re a scammer trying to scam you with your hard-earned money.

We recorded a call to understand the essence. Listen to such scammers, so you don’t lose your money by falling prey.

He said he would be sent several “papers” (messages) detailing the procedure for receiving the cash.

This is the flow of the conversation. (The caller was used to Hindi and needed to speak Hindi. I hear someone else in the background talking to a potential victim.)

The caller then recorded this number 09036466227 and asked him to call a Vikram Singh (probably the State Bank of India (SBI) branch manager) via WhatsApp. He added that it was Shin who called the bank details to send the reward.

After some research, it was said that the church door in Mumbai was called from “KBC headquarters.”

Here are the other calls:

We told him he could trade 24/7, but at 6:30 PM, he insisted that was not possible.

Still, he said that before he shared the details of the fake bank account with Shin, he had to deposit a total of Rs 15,000 first to receive the reward as there was a tax due to the government. So, at this point, we decided to look for the scam. Then the person hung up.

WhatsApp was used with end-to-end encryption as a mod and money that people are trying to earn, such as fraudsters are caught, and people who do not suspect anything are called this way.

KBC runs a ticker, and the program repeatedly warns viewers not to engage in such malicious searches. Money control contacted WhatsApp, and a spokesperson for the messaging platform said: “WhatsApp takes user privacy very seriously. People rely on WhatsApp for all kinds of sensitive conversations with doctors, banks, and family members. Unfortunately, scammers put it on the platform and remove it from WhatsApp. We recommend that you report such issues so that you can take steps such as banning your account so that the first time you receive a message from an unknown number in your chat, you will be given the option to report it directly with the number “.

Precautions you can take against scammers:

  1. Most scammers use Pakistani numbers starting with 0092 or +92.
  2. The money is required in government taxes but should not be deposited into anyone’s account.
  3. They always give you the wrong lottery number, and you can’t register online for this lottery.
  4. Your official KBC lottery number is not with them.
  5. If you suspect that this is a fake caller, you should immediately call KBC Headquarters or contact KBC’s official website.
  6. These scammers should not provide Aadhar cards, ATM cards, or any bank details.
  7. You do not need to provide sensitive information.
  8. To deal with these people, KBC created its headquarters.

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