6 Ways to Use Marble in Your Home 

Why use marble in your home, you may ask? Well, marble adds a level of luxury and sophistication to any space. You can find marble in many unique colours and patterns, making it one of the most irresistible and classy choices. When it comes to glamorous and inviting materials for your bathroom, kitchen or lounge rooms, nothing can surpass the compelling look of marble.

Marble surfaces have been used for over thousands of years. In recent times, marble has made a comeback as one of the most highly demanded options to emerge in the contemporary interior design scene. There are many unique and stunning uses for marble stone throughout your home. Here are 6 of the top ways to incorporate marble stone into your home:

1. Kitchen Benchtop

Kitchens are possibly where we spend most of our social time eating, cooking and even entertaining. If you want a surface that looks unique in every aspect, marble stone benchtops are ideal for you. A marble kitchen benchtop adds a perfect touch to any home, providing a classic yet modern touch to any kitchen. It creates a refreshing vibe which is ideal for a communal area.

Not only do they look amazing, but marble stone is also a popular solution to creating a surface that is effortless to clean. While you probably won’t want to cook on marble surfaces, marble holds up very well to hot items due to its heat-resistant nature, and this is perfect for those homeowners who love to cook and bake. 

2. Marble Furniture

Marble furniture can be used for practicality or decoration within your home. Durable and robust with the ability to last a lifetime, marble is the perfect material for a statement table. If you want a piece that will excite your guests and add a wow factor to your home, a marble coffee table or dining table is perfect. It plays a part as the main centrepiece when entertaining guests or throwing grand dinner parties. Let your family and friends relax in your home in class.

You can create a cohesive look in your house by using marble for the furniture tops of cabinets or dressing tables. Producing a consistent theme is useful in adding elegance and sophistication to your space. This furniture is a one-time investment that can reflect the substance of your home and its personality.

3. Kitchen Backsplash

Marble stone can also function very well as a kitchen backsplash. Serving multiple purposes, marble backsplashes provide a focal point for the kitchen and livens up the space. It can add a bright and airy feel to any kitchen. Marble backsplashes can add a stunning contrast to dark cabinets or produce even more light in modern, all-white kitchens.

Recent innovations in stone mining and engineering processes result in durable marble products that are now more suitable for kitchen use. Marble stone is the perfect backdrop for kitchens as it is stain-resistant. This space is prone to spillage, so you won’t have to worry much about those pasta sauce accidents. However, it is advised to follow the proper care and regular maintenance for marble surfaces to ensure their quality lasts for many long years. 

4. Bathroom Vanity Top

Bathrooms are a place that can act as a personal sanctuary for homeowners. There is nothing better than coming home to a feeling of comfort and relaxation by hopping into a warm, bubbly bathtub after a long hard day at work. It is very suitable to transform your bathroom into a luxurious space where you can truly relax.

Being very durable, marble countertops can withstand water, bathroom cleaning products, makeup, chemicals, soaps, etc. Marble has excellent wear and tear tolerance, which is perfect for those homeowners with kids.

Marble is one of the most demanded bathroom countertop materials in the world. The right bathroom vanity top will display a balance of aesthetics and durability. It is a classic material adaptable enough to look good in almost any bathroom style.

5. Tiles

A great thing about marble is that it has many uses. Marble is also ideal for wall and floor tiles throughout your home. It is not very porous, perfect for condensation or heavy moisture rooms like bathrooms. An intricate marble designed wall bathroom can really step it up a notch.

Marble tiles in other areas of the house, such as the kitchen, are very timeless. Large floor tiles dressed in marble veins can instantly create a very open and fresh space. They are very beneficial for Australian homes, especially in the summer, as the marble floor will naturally cool homes instead of circulating hot air.

6. Accessories

Have a play around with adding marble accessories into your home. Items such as flower vases, cutting boards, coasters or even artwork are a great addition to your home and a simple way of adding a subtly touch of marble to a space.

Being able to decorate your home with marble accessories is a beautiful approach to incorporate a sense of luxury into your space if you are just starting out with interior design. They can be styled in many ways to suit the particular interior theme throughout your home.

Where to Source Quality Marble

Marble stone is a timeless material for your modern home, a true investment that will last forever and put value into your home. If you are looking for high end and affordable marble stone to be installed in your home, contact a reputable stonemason.

While stone suppliers focus on sourcing stone products worldwide, stonemasons turn the raw materials into a bespoke design brought into reality just for you. Experience personal and expert service from reputable stonemasons, bringing you various products and many years of experience in the field.