5 Reasons Why Dental Implants Are Popular

The loss of teeth is unfortunate, and people lose their teeth because of several factors. There are many reasons for tooth loss, such as old age, accidents, deficiency of vitamins and minerals, certain diseases. All these factors make up the major percentage of tooth loss cases.

So, when one loses their tooth, what is the best measure to take, and how to rectify and stop the issues from getting worse?

The best and immediate solution for this is using implants. Dental implants in Sydney are popular, and people opt for this procedure for several reasons.

Sydney is easily one of the most famous cities in Australia. And the cuisines available in the area are a mixture of Italian, Chinese, Indian, Native, and many more. Being a coastal city, Sydneysiders are fond of seafood as well. Around 8 per cent of adults and 73 per cent of children exceeded the WHO’s recommended sugar intake by 10 per cent to total energy intake (ADA). The usage of fluoridated drinking water is another reason for tooth damage.

A person’s facial feature is dependent on their teeth and jaws structure. The loss of a few teeth can result in a drastic change in the person’s facial structure.

After losing the teeth, one of the best ways to get back to the normal self is by getting dental implants. An orthodontist such as those at Family Braces in Calgary are often your best bet for this kind of procedure. This article will list the reasons why dental implants are the best choice for someone who lost their teeth.

There are many other reasons people choose dental implants.

1. Natural & Comfortable

These implants are designed to look and feel like natural teeth. They function just like your teeth without any discomfort. No one can identify the implants, and even if they take a close look, it is tough to recognise a dental implant.

2. Long-lasting/Reliable

You need proper maintenance to keep the implants strong and functioning. It will last years without any issue if you take care of it. A dental implant is usually made up of a tough material called titanium, and it is the main choice of every dentist. Titanium implants are popular because of their biocompatibility.

3. High Success Rate

A well maintained dental implant lasts long without any damage. This procedure is a lot better than teeth replacements. People are aware of this procedure, and every year, the number of people opting for this procedure is going up.

4. No Issues in Biting & Chewing

A correctly done dental implant will show absolutely no problem while biting and chewing on food. You can apply pressure on these implants as much as you did before, and they will not break or come loose. There’s no other procedure that can restore the teeth to function the same way they did before. Hence, dental implants are preferred by many.

5. Better Facial & bone Features

As earlier mentioned in the article, the teeth and jaws define a person’s facial appearance. People lose their original facial features after losing a few teeth, and the remaining teeth do no good holding up the facial structure. Even the loss of a single tooth right from the front of your jaw can affect the way you look.

Hence, the implants help maintain the original facial structure.

These are the reasons why dental implants in Sydney are getting popular. And every year, more and more people are opting for this procedure because of its high success rate.