10 Most Modern Cities In Europe To Visit For Outdoor Fun

Holidays present a means for us to come out of our shells and enjoy the world for what it is. We can leave our daily life for some time and try something new. We get to see new faces, visit new places, try new delicacies, learn about antiquities, and do other interesting things that come with traveling. Before traveling, there are some things that every sojourner will look forward to enjoying from any trip. It could be anything from food, culture, historical places, recreational centers, parties, etc.

While some people might be inclined to search for the perfect place to travel for a vacation, it is crucial to note that there is no perfect holiday destination and every city that you visit has peculiarities that make it unique and different from every other city. Since we are approaching the summer holiday, a lot of people will already be making plans to visit one or two places for summer. Europe is a very great holiday destination with lots of places where you can enjoy so many things. If you live in Europe or you want to travel to Europe for your summer holiday, here are 10 cities where you can enjoy outdoor fun in Europe.

1. London, England:

Some people hold the opinion that London is the most fun city to visit in Europe. Why? There are a lot of places that you can go to and enjoy history, nightlife, shopping, movies, art, etc, while you are in London. Different locations in London have different things that they are known for and while you enjoy the outdoor fun you can still circle back to make time for family and friends. Hyde Park is a classic place to go if you want to relax and if you want to go for some adventure you can visit Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, or you can hang around Buckingham Palace to see the guards change their spot. Fashion enthusiasts can visit Oxford Street to satisfy their cravings and movie freaks will find more than enough when they visit Leicester Square. You can also learn about the culture of London and you can also learn about foreign cultures in places like Chinatown, the place for Bangladeshis in London. The good thing about the cities of Europe is that cities are linked with each other and if you are able to get an international driving permit, you can tour these cities, alone or with your family and friends, by car.

2. Paris, France:

This is your go-to spot if you want to eat and enjoy fashion. It is almost impossible to visit Paris and not enjoy your stay. You can visit the Louvre or Musee d’Orsay to see beautiful pieces created by street artists in Paris and if you don’t mind, you can go on a trip to Disneyland which is less than 40km away from Paris.

3. Rome, Italy:

If you want to roam the ancient city of Italy, then Rome is the right venue for you. Visiting the Colosseum and the Pantheon is a no-brainer for anyone looking to explore Rome, however, there are other places like the Vatican Museum, outdoor cinemas like Casa del Cinema, or landmarks like Monte Mario which is the highest landmark in the city. Do not forget to bask in the sweetness of Italian food and wine.

4. Barcelona, Spain:

Barcelona is a choice for people who are looking to enjoy beaches, nightlife, or buildings. It is all fun and fun when you are in Barcelona. You will find beautiful pieces of art of Spanish artists on walls and buildings in Barcelona. You can also go to a beach to learn, watch or try out skateboarding.

5. Prague, Czech Republic:

If you love beer, Prague has a lot of nightclubs and bars where you can drown in liquor but that is not all that the city is known for. The city has beautiful cathedrals with street art littered all over the buildings in the city. There are also museums in the city that you can visit and enjoy your holiday.

6. Madrid, Spain:

Barcelona is not the only city where you can enjoy outdoor fun in Spain. Madrid, home to the most successful soccer team in Europe, is another place where you can pleasure your sight with museum arts and go on shopping sprees. The nightlife in Madrid is also something to look forward to.

7. Berlin, Germany:

The wall of Berlin is one of the most popular places in this city. Other than the wall of Berlin, there are other numerous artists in the city of Berlin. You can visit a museum in Trabi or ask a guide to walk you through the city to enjoy street art. Berlin is also one of the best European cities to explore by biking. All you need is a bike or a motorized bike if you are a beginner and you are good to go.

8. Amsterdam, Netherlands:

If you love Heineken beer, it is the most common beer brand in Amsterdam. Not to worry if you are not a fan of beer or you do not like Heineken, you can go on boat tours to enjoy the bridges and waterways in the city. You can also adopt a stray cat in Amsterdam if you want one.

9. Milan, Italy:

It used to be the capital of the Western Roman Empire at one time and you should attend the La Scala Opera if you are in the city. You will definitely enjoy it. You can also visit the Sant Ambrogio church where you can see the painting of Leonardo Da Vinci inside.

10. Lisbon, Portugal:


The last city on the list, Lisbon. You can attend different concerts and enjoy Portuguese music. You can also enjoy the bars, restaurants, and yes, the beaches in Lisbon.

Final word

The list is endless but here are the top ten cities to enjoy outdoor fun in Europe. Summer is near and while you are planning your travel itinerary, you might be doubtful about where to enjoy the most fun. Visit any of these cities and enjoy their uniqueness. Your desire for the holiday is what will determine where you will go. If you want to enjoy beaches, Barcelona and Lisbon are some of the best destinations for that.