You should know about the importance of Dehydrated Foods

Dehydrated foods, such as dried fruits, Essene bread, and dried herbs, are very concentrated. By removing the water and decreasing the mass of the food, dehydration intensifies foods and allows for the intake of a greater quantity of nutrients. Dehydrated foods are considered alive only if they are dried at or below 108°F (the point at which enzymes die and other vitamins and minerals break down).

Most dried foods retain their nutrients longer than fresh because they are unaffected by the breakdown caused by water trapped within the cells. Many dried foods can also be rehydrated. The Value of Dehydrated Foods Dehydrated foods are concentrated nutrition.

A fresh apple that might take us twenty bites to eat will take only three to seven bites to eat when it is dried. Most nuts and seeds are sold dried because it makes the oils in them more stable. Sea vegetables, fruits, and vegetables are dried for storage.

These foods also slow down the metabolism in order to maximize assimilation. The body will rehydrate the food and take its time digesting it. Dehydrated foods can be very grounding. Often people transitioning to a raw diet find that they constantly want food. Dehydrated foods will easily fill this need by slowing the digestion and allowing for maximum absorption of both the dehydrated food and other foods that are also in the body.

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Food Combining

Dehydrated foods can be especially helpful to people who are transitioning to raw food who are used to eating a lot of starchy cooked food. Dehydrated Foods for Travel Dehydrated foods have always been the choice for travelers. In ancient times, people would dry part of their harvest for winter or for a long migration to warmer climates.

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Even today, people going to work or school will bring dried fruits or nuts because they are lightweight and stable. Dehydrated foods can be kept for considerably longer than those in fresh form. Dehydrated foods are great for hiking because of the concentrated nutrition and energy. Dried foods are often dehydrating to the body, however, so be certain to drink lots of fluids or eat fresh foods to rehydrate yourself.

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