Why Pharma Track and Trace Matters

Pharmaceutical track and trace technology enable organizations to monitor the location of a drug through every step in its journey, from production all the way to delivery. With this system, businesses can accurately keep up with each product’s progress throughout the supply chain.

In 2012, Turkey blazed a trail by becoming the first country to introduce an end-to-end drug track and trace system for securing their homegrown pharmaceutical supply chain. Subsequently, countries such as Argentina and Saudi Arabia jumped on board with similar systems of their own. And now many more nations – including China, the United States and European Union member states – are actively working towards implementing this secure approach to safeguarding their pharmaceutical supplies.

With the quick advancements of technology and continually changing demands, pharmaceutical track and trace systems have become highly significant in the pharmaceutical industry. Utilizing these drug-tracking systems can offer numerous benefits.

Mitigating the spread of fake drugs

With such an expansive supply chain, pharmaceutical companies cannot combat counterfeit and substandard drugs alone. Fortunately, with the help of governmental entities as well as product authentication solutions, these medicines can be identified before reaching consumers. By utilizing a pharmaceutically designed tracking system, illegitimate medications are kept out of the distribution pipeline from its inception.

Improve productivity

Pharmaceutical companies in the U.S. and Europe are now taking serialization to a new level, deploying drug track-and-trace products by utilizing data matrixes, RFIDs, and QR codes. With these cutting-edge tracking systems in place, manufacturers can monitor their product flow from production through sales channels tirelessly – making sure they adhere stringently to regulations every step of the way. As a result of this heightened accountability for traceability throughout all stages of their process, pharmaceutical organizations are equipped with greater peace of mind than ever before.

For more context on the steps of the medicine making process and their safeguards, check out this infographic on how your medicine is made!

Infographic provided by The Emmes Company, a vaccine trial facilitator

Eliminate inventory losses

Products are lost for a number of reasons, some legitimate such as quality control testing, and others not so much, like staff theft. A cutting-edge track-and-trace solution gives businesses visibility into the entire pharmaceutical supply chain to help identify and address any potential issues before they become too costly. With this innovative system in place, companies can mitigate problems efficiently and effectively.

Better inventory control

By introducing track and trace in pharmaceutical applications, companies can dramatically decrease their human-based counting methods, guaranteeing both precise results and faster processing.

Greater customer confidence

The introduction of pharma track and trace solutions help increase the transparency in drug manufacture, allowing manufacturers to better meet the needs of their customers. Ultimately, when customers are assured that their products are safe and secure, they will have more confidence in their purchase decisions. Furthermore, patients can be reassured that medicines delivered to them come from a reliable source.

Stronger brand protection

Track and trace systems allow pharmaceutical companies to clearly distinguish their products from counterfeit goods, providing a robust barrier against competitors that may attempt to replicate or hijack their products. Furthermore, by having the exact origin of each drug accurately identified in the system, any potential for legal liability is greatly reduced.

Faster product recall

Should a product recall be necessary, pharmaceutical companies can swiftly notify the affected parties with little difficulty. With efficient product traceability in place, drug manufacturers are able to quickly access records to determine which batches need to be recalled and even identify possible sources of contamination. All in all, these systems drastically reduce the time it would usually take for a recall.

Final thoughts

The benefits of implementing an efficient track and trace system are clear, and the process is becoming increasingly vital in the pharmaceutical industry. With governments all around the world now focusing on incorporating serialization into their supply chain management systems, it is only a matter of time before track and trace become an essential element for any company operating within this field.

These advances not only make tracing drugs much easier but also provide an added layer of protection that ensures the safety and efficacy of products from start to finish. As such, it is essential for any pharmaceutical company to secure a reliable drug-tracking system in order to reap the many benefits offered by this cutting-edge technology.

The future of track and trace systems looks promising, with advancements being made every day to ensure accuracy and traceability in supply chains. With the many advantages of these systems, it is clear that the track and trace system is here to stay. Pharmaceutical companies should take advantage of this technology now before their competitors do, so they can remain at the forefront of the pharmaceutical industry for years to come.