Why Ingco Tools are Gaining Popularity in Kenya

Ingco tools is as a popularly known brand in Kenya, no one does it like they do. From their impeccable product design , to their prime quality and their wide array of products fit for various tasks there is no doubt they are the best in the game.

Manufacturing of all Ingco products is done in China by professional experts. They have partnered with suppliers worldwide to provide top-notch quality tools to consumers. They take pride in their work and have been able to maintain their standing reputation. Their popularity is still on the rise especially in Kenya.


The company manufactures a wide range of products consisting of power tools, power tools accessories, welding machines, bench tools, small construction equipment, air tools, water pumps, hand tools, garden tools, measuring tools, safety products, lamp series and socket series, hardware and many more. They are a one stop brand for all your tool needs. In case of any damages on your tool they also sell spare parts and all components you will need to assemble and boost usability of your machine.


Ingco tools Kenya is committed to being all inclusive and therefore offers very affordable prices to all consumers. They do not skimp on any of their appliances to maintain this pricing but they are able to save cost in other ways. The product standard remains the same.


Their brand marketing is always at par making them relevant at all times. Their social media platforms have quite a decent following and a regular engagement. You can find Ingco tools at Power tools Kenya. They have really great customer service on their platforms and will answer all your queries on their products.


They have a unique and compact design that is very attractive. But the design is not just for beauty, they have revealed that they have features fitted on the design to provide comfort to the user to prevent hurting their hands as they work. That is quite thoughtful.


The Number 1 priority of this brand is quality , their products have been known to be highly efficient and first grade. They last a great while when maintained, and used properly. In the case where any defects arise they provide warranties for all tools. No one product doesn’t have on so when you purchase your tool make sure to check your warranty.


Consumer safety is always a priority when it comes to Ingco. There is a consistent safety feature on all their products. They ensure that safety features are incorporated in the overall manufacture of all Ingco tools to ensure users are not at risk of any accidents resulting from the product. This safety features are unique to each tool.


Ingco tools are accessible worldwide and in Kenya you can get one from various popular power tools suppliers. You can either purchase online and have it delivered to you or visit the known shop outlets. Please ensure you are purchasing from a reliable supplier to avoid any scams or knock offs.


So if you are ever in need of a power tool be it for professional work or domestic use, heavy duty or light duty work I recommend the Ingco Company. You will definitely get your money’s worth. For more, check

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