What you ought to look out for when getting Solar Water Heater

A solar water heater is a device that helps in heating water by using the energy from the sun. It is an economical way of generating hot water for bath and shower.

This article focuses on the solar water heater. The captivating of heat from the sun to make water hot which can be used to bath at home is the work of the solar. Purchasing a quality solar water heater ought to be every buyer’s priority. This article can be relevant when one needs to purchase one.

Due to the increased level of demand for solar water heaters had increased gradually to fulfill the need to save energy and meet the production of hot water. This has included the need for a solar and especially a solar water heater. Below are some factors that one should consider before buying one.

Water source

It is very important to know whether the water in use is a hard or soft one, this is essential when choosing the best installation of the solar water heater. It is because hard and soft water doesn’t have similar mineral capacities hence, each has different heating levels.

The plumbing works

Plumbing is a very important factor because most people go wrong in plumbing work because they don’t know how the two-way piping is a mechanism where cold and hot water are connected at home. The kitchen also requires water as compared to bathing.

The service life

Before going to purchase a solar water heater it is important to know the service life of a solar water heater. It is very important to buy a system that lastsalong. Some have a life service of about fifteen years and a 5-year warranty.

Type and functionality

There are two types of solar collectors, there is the evacuated tube collector and the flat plate collectors. The flat plate is made of copper, these are suitable in tropical climates, which makes them poor heat retainer. While the evacuated have higher heat retention capacity making it suitable for both temperate and tropical regions.

The water pressure system

It is very important to consider the cohesion system at the house. This is because buyers go wrong in selecting the solar water heating system in the house which cannot withstand the pressure from the water source. You need to know that there are types of solar water heaters. They include non-pressurized and pressurized.

Cost of the solar water heater

The solar water heater prices in Kenya should be considered before buying the solar water heater, this is because they come in a wide range of prices. They are expensive because they use the sun’s energy.They also help in saving money on electricity but their initial cost is very high. They are good for permanent residents.

This article defines the various considerations one has to make before purchasing the solar water heater, hence can be of great importance of reference.