What to Know About Moving to Victoria, TX

Are you moving to a new place in the near future? Are you looking to start over or want a career change? Victoria, TX might be the ideal location for your big move. Victoria, TX is among the more sought after cities in the state for its overall livability and vibe of the city, so if you are considering a move for any reason, here are just some things about Victoria, TX that may entice you.

Overall Population

One of the best things about Victoria, TX is its population. Unlike large scale cities in which it is easy to get lost in the crowd, this part of Texas boasts a true small town feel with big city personality. The overall population of Victoria, TX is a mere 67,000 and where that is certainly not a very small city by any means, it does allow you to get to know your neighbors and embrace community organizations more freely. Victoria, TX has a lot to offer families, young professional, and anyone moving into this part of the country.

Convenient To All Major Texas Cities

Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio are the largest cities in the state with a lot to offer, but living in those cities means higher living costs across the board and some people would prefer to live in a more affordable, less crowded area. Victoria, TX is the ideal location for those looking for convenience to the big city without having to actually live in the hustle and bustle of it all. Victoria, TX is located between all three of these major cities. On average, it is a two hour commute to either of the three, so living here will afford you the ability to go to these three large Texas cities anytime to enjoy the day, but still come home to your quiet town in the evening.

A City Rich in History

Some areas of the country often discount the history of where the city first began. Old buildings are torn down to make way for newer, modern structures and the historic integrity of the place can be vastly diminished. In Victoria, TX, you will find all the modern amenities you desire, but the historic integrity of the city is lovingly maintained by locals and historic preservation committees throughout Victoria, TX. This is seen in the historic downtown, but also in the amazingly well preserved Victoria County Courthouse. The Courthouse was established in 1892 and throughout its history, it has seen a lot of change come, but stepping into this historic center will give you a unique perspective on the past and allow you to view its awe inspiring architecture.

Take the Family to the Zoo

Although the Texas Zoo is not the largest in the world, it does house over 100 different species of animals for your viewing pleasure. Many of these animals are native to the state of Texas, but a lot have been brought in from some of the most remote places on the planet. Another aspect of the Texas Zoo in Victoria, TX is their emphasis on not merely housing animals, but rehabilitating wild animals found for reentry into their native habitat. The staff at the Texas Zoo are friendly and love educating guests about both native species and others from around the world, so a trip here will certainly be a regular occurrence while living in Victoria, TX.

Indianola Ghost Town

Throughout history, towns, settlements and cities pop up and fade away, but sometimes, certain cities are just fated to disappear. Such is the case of Indianola. This port city was once a thriving place with thousands of residents after its founding in 1844, but tragedy after tragedy affected the land in the form of 2 different hurricanes. The towns people continually tried to rebuild, but all hope was lost in 1886 when the strongest of the two hurricanes hit the area devastating homes and causing a fire to erupt. By the end of that fated day of August 14, 1886, the town became one of Texas’s many ghost towns. Nothing is really left of the town apart from a plaque marking where it once stood and a few hallowed structures overtaken by moss and overgrowth. Indianola is a beautiful example of the power of nature and what it can do.

Storage Units Help Make Your Move Better

When choosing to move to Victoria, TX, you can often find placing everything in your new home difficult to manage. However, for those in the know, a storage unit can significantly help. Storage units in Victoria, TX are great ways to help you move in more effectively without cluttering up your new space. Once you are all moved in, you can continue to use your storage unit to store valuables or larger items that do not fit in the space. The humidity in Texas is something fierce during the summer, so opting for a secure, indoor facility can help your valuables stay mold and mildew free.

Children’s Discovery Museum

Taking kids to a standard museum can be very stressful. They get bored not being able to touch anything, but at the Children’s Discovery Museum in Victoria, TX, they are encouraged to touch, explore, and really become invested in their environment. With an emphasis on exhibits featuring Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math or STEM, children can see the world around them in a new light through advanced hands on learning. Exploring this museum can open their little minds and allow them to use their imagination freely.

Victoria, TX is not the largest city in Texas, but it is one that maintains a spectacular personality. Moving here will provide you with the ability to live close to the big city without actually living there, so you will enjoy life so much more. Victoria, TX is a growing city with so much to offer its residents. Those that move here enjoy a slower paced lifestyle with ample opportunity to grow and prosper both professionally and personally.

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