What Is The Future Of The Smart TV Market?

It’s difficult to fathom life before smart TV, which is equally as difficult to fathom considering they’ve only been available since 2007. It is likely that we are all wondering what’s next when you consider how many functions and applications your typical smart TV has acquired in such a short period of time. But to understand what the future of the smart tv market looks like, we have to take a look at the past too.

The Smart TV Timeline

The very concept of smart TVs has been brewing since 1994, but we only saw the first materialized smart TV for sale in 2007 when HP released their Mediasmart TV. However, smart TVs only really gained traction after the introduction of affordable LCD (liquid crystal display) technology in 2010.

Over time, internet technology and smart TV technology have been integrated further and further, so much so that today’s smart TVs for sale are a combination of the two. This introduction of progressive TV caused internet technology to become faster and more advanced, birthing what we know today to be streaming.

Smart TVs Today

Today, we are seeing smart TVs that are equipped with pre-installed applications, mostly for streaming purposes. If you already have a smart TV, definitely take advantage of these applications. Simply put, the advancements made in smart TVs today basically translate to having a computer for a TV.

As we combine smart TVs and internet networks, the integration now allows for smartphones and tablets to work in partnership with smart TVs, a superb progression for presentations or displaying video calls on a large screen.

The Future Of The Smart TV Market

The constant shifting and growth in the smart TV industry has clarified that we can likely expect exciting new developments in the future. Taking all of the features into consideration, the possibilities really are endless. With smarter integrations and boundless streaming capabilities and applications, smart TVs are becoming an affordable and essential component in home entertainment.

Although we don’t know for sure where the future of smart TVs will take us, we know it is going to be good. Hopefully this brief runthrough of the future of the smart TV market has been informative and enjoyable.

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