What is The Cause of The Sudden Increase in Tepezza Lawsuits?

You could be qualified to file a claim if you used Tepezza and then developed tinnitus or irreparable hearing loss. In legal proceedings, Horizon Pharmaceuticals, the drug’s producer, is charged with neglecting to give warning to healthcare practitioners and patients about the risks. You need to file a Tepezza hearing loss lawsuit if you have experienced hearing loss after the use of the medication. Also, consult a Tepezza lawyer if you want to calculate your damages and losses due to the use of the drug and its adverse effects.

Following is all you need to know about Tepezza lawsuits and why they are on the rise;

The Reason for Sudden Outburst of Tepezza Loss Lawsuits

People who took Tepezza and experienced chronic hearing problems are suing the manufacturer. The likelihood of hearing diseases or the possibility that hearing conditions would become chronic are allegedly not disclosed on the drug’s label to patients or medical professionals.

Tepezza is a drug that has been approved by the FDA. It helps in treating thyroid eye disease. The drug is the only one that may be used to treat thyroid eye disease, and it was approved by the government in January 2020. 10% of participants in clinical trials said they had hearing issues. However, a 2021 study revealed that the risk might be as high as 65 percent.

A Tepezza case can be filed by anyone who took the medication and now have tinnitus to get compensation for their suffering, medical costs, lost salaries, and various other financial and non-financial losses. This is also the reason why relevant lawsuits are on the rise as more and more patients are becoming aware of the adverse side effect of the medication. The risks of taking Tepezza are made clear to other patients through such lawsuits.

Long-term Effects

Tepezza’s long-term side effects can be expensive and may also affect a person’s quality of life. Research suggests that tinnitus may make it challenging to listen to what other people are saying, which results in emotional trauma. In a study including 26 people, 23% of those who had at least 4 Tepezza injections experienced hearing loss. The medicine caused either new or worsened hearing loss, according to the study’s authors.

After stopping the medicine for a few months, some patients’ issues went away. However, for other people, the symptoms persisted even after the medicine was withdrawn. In the same research, 27 percent of Tepezza users reported having tinnitus or ear ringing. Some patients’ problems vanished after a few months. According to the researchers, it is unclear if symptoms in people with tinnitus that persisted after stopping their prescription can be reversed.

You might be able to file a claim if you used Tepezza and experienced tinnitus or irreparable hearing damage. Only a lawyer can inform you if you are qualified. If you’re considering filing a claim against Tepezza, you should get in touch with a Tepezza lawyer right away. However, there is a statute of limitations in such cases; therefore, act quickly as soon as the first symptoms appear. Based on the area you reside in, the statute of limitations for a Tepezza lawsuit may range from 2 to 4 years. Free legal counsel from a lawyer could assist you in preserving your ability to file a lawsuit.