What is a Trash the Dress Ceremony and Should You Do It?

If you plan to keep your wedding dress in pristine condition over the years, you might want to click away from this article because it might make you a little upset (and cause sleepless nights!). If you want to make the most of a dress that you only plan to wear once in your life, keep reading because you might get excited by a ‘trash the dress’ ceremony.

What’s a Trash the Dress Ceremony?

As the name suggests, this is a ceremony in which the bride and groom trash their fancy clothing in the most creative way possible. While some brides cut or tear their dress, others get it extremely muddy, wet, or dirty. As an example, a bride might wear their dress to the beach and roll around in the wet sand.

Naturally, a professional photographer is normally at hand to capture the moment. Throughout the shoot, the dress gradually becomes dirtier as the bride proceeds to destroy the dress beyond future purposes. While some ceremonies involve the bride alone, others are performed alongside the groom, flower girl, bridal party, or others.

As a side note, you might also see this ceremony called a ‘rock the frock’ ceremony or even a ‘fearless bridal’ ceremony. Either way, the bride walks away with a destroyed wedding dress. As well as beaches, you might perform the ceremony by a lake, on top of a roof, by a waterfall, in the woods, in a field, or even on the street.

Should You Do It?

While some will have already clicked away from this article in horror, others are probably intrigued as to why this type of ceremony exists. Don’t worry, even those with wedding trousers for the bride can partake in this ceremony.

To answer the question of whether you should do it, perhaps you first need to understand why others do it. For some, the ceremony ends the wedding and signals the start of married life. Rather than keeping the wedding dress in the wardrobe, the ceremony marks the transition between being a bride and a wife.

Others just want to have a little fun and make the most of their investment. If you’re going to spend out on a wedding dress, you want to get some more cool photos from the occasion. Even though the ceremony renders the dress unwearable, you’ll have some unique photos to put in the album.

Remember, this is a dress that you will never wear again. Some women don’t want the dress taking up room in their life and think that hanging onto a wedding dress is even more morbid than destroying it. Why not have some fun and jump in the lake or play in the sand?

Elsewhere, others mash the trash at the dress ceremony with a hobby that both the husband and wife enjoy. For example, they could both enjoy tough mudder events or dirt biking. Therefore, they wear their wedding attire to a tough mudder or a dirt biking track. The ceremony signals the start of forever together and how the two will always be connected even though the wedding itself is over.

Should you trash the dress ceremony? Ultimately, the decision is up to you. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to keep your wedding dress safe (and clean!). There’s also nothing wrong with wanting a cool photoshoot if you don’t want the dress after the wedding. Everybody is different, and you need to choose a solution that you won’t regret!