What is a custom search engine? And its examples

Search engines are extremely important in day-to-day life. They have the knowledge according to necessity. The custom search engine is one kind of search engine that can be used in daily life. The internet has made everything easier. One can easily search for information and data within a matter of minutes.

However, a custom search engine is a little bit different from the usual one. It is mostly used by web developers. It is made for allowing viewers to search within the same website or page. If a website is huge and has multiple numbers of pages, they can use this feature. This will allow their visitors to find things easily.

Everything about custom search engines is discussed below. It will help you to understand custom search engines easily.

  • What are the most famous custom search engines, and how does it work?

Different websites can have their own custom search engines. Google is most famous among all the custom search engines. Google search engine is not only famous but also very useful.

It can restrict a search to a specific topic. It has a control panel to show the specific results. Thus, people can find solutions easily. Different companies can include their websites on Google. This gives users a better experience while searching. They can find everything on a single custom search engine.

Google uses CMS technology or core search technology to provide high-quality service for its users. CMS is a content management system that has a built-in search technology to allow users to find anything they want within that website.

  • What can be customized into a search engine?

Not all the options in a custom search engine are customizable. They have some limitations. A few things can be customized in a custom search engine.

  1. One can link their custom search engine with Google ad sense. It is totally customizable, and also the owner can earn some money from it.
  2. Every custom search engine has its own display pattern. All the display patterns, main pages, and themes are customizable. You can make it interesting to attract more users to a website. Different colors and an attractive logo can definitely increase the popularity of a custom search engine.
  3. You can link Google analytics to your search engine to make it perform better. It will help you to understand the behavior of the site visitors. You will be able to plan your strategies according to that.
  4. You can customize the search box by using different fonts and styles.
  5. Autocomplete is a very attractive feature. You can add it to your search engine. This will make users put less effort into typing something while searching.
  6. You can think about promotion and refinements. It seems useless but helps a lot to provide users with a better experience.


This is everything about a custom search engine. Web developers mainly use built-in technology to make a search engine for a website.

We can find multiple custom search engines on the internet, as we mentioned above. However, the most famous custom search engine is owned by Google. We hope this article will be helpful for you to know more about it.

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