What are the facilities provided in a retirement village?

There is a noticeable rise in the demand for senior living spaces around the world. Many elders choose to live in a retirement home because of various reasons. Hence, many governments are taking this initiative to construct retirement villages that consist of elder-friendly homes and provide all the necessary facilities to give them a comfortable living. 

The Australian government passed an act in 1986 called Retirement Villages Act, listing all the criteria for living in government-authorized retirement villages in Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne and other cities. The people living in these villages are usually 55 years or above, retired from their respective jobs, widowed, require age care facilities to survive, etc. 

Older people prefer living in retirement homes and villages because they get the company of like-minded people, can socialize with them, get all the necessary facilities they require and remain engaged in activities that keep them healthy and happy. However, this concept is sometimes seen sceptically because of some scattered cases where the children don’t want to take care of their parents and abandon them. But this is not a common occurrence everywhere.  In most cases, it is the choice of the elderly to live the life they feel comfortable with.

There are many benefits of living in a retirement village, the following points will explain them:

Medical Assistance

The aged people need to get regular medical checkups and assistance so that they don’t face any health-related problems. The retirement villages are designed and governed keeping this need in mind. Hence, they provide services like 24 hours ambulance availability, a team of doctors and caretakers dedicated to the resident’s care, regular checkups, and therapies. This keeps the residents healthy and happy. 

Food services

These villages have many common eating areas where there is an availability of healthy food for the residents. They can either take the help of a private cook or enjoy food in common eating areas. The quality and nutritional aspects of food that is cooked in these villages are mainly taken care of by the nutrition experts. 

Engaging activities

Some volunteers and caretakers keep organizing outdoor activities for the residents to keep themselves active and interactive. These activities include meditation, group therapy, workout, games, walking and jogging, movie nights, talking sessions, etc. It helps them stay active and entertained. For example, retirement villages in Canberra organize outdoor sports sessions like badminton, table tennis, golf, etc. These experiences help the residents feel that they belong. 

Cost of living

These villages provide different types of stays; for example, you can either rent or purchase a shared apartment or an independent home based on your requirements and affordability. To add convenience, they also accept payments in instalments so that it is not difficult for the residents to support themselves financially. The charges for these stays may vary depending on the facilities you subscribe to for yourself. 

Infrastructure and amenities

You get many facilities when you choose to stay in a retirement village. These facilities include swimming pools, libraries, gardens, art galleries, clubs, gyms and cafeterias. You can utilize these facilities as per your liking and requirements.

These points list all the benefits a retirement village can provide so that you can enjoy your post-retirement phase with comfort and entertainment. You can find numerous retirement villages around you, but each might differ in terms of facilities, care, and amenities. You can choose the village that suits your needs and budget.