Washing your car: which method to choose?

A car requires a minimum of care if you do not want its body to tarnish and take on a washed-out appearance. What to choose between a hand wash and an automatic wash? Here are a few tips.

You should know that paint is subjected to daily aggressions due to the climate and various pollutants. It is for this reason that it is important to wash your car regularly automatic washing (with rollers using a high pressure jet) or manual washing, each to its own method. Here are some keys to help you choose yours!

Automatic car wash: benefits and tips

For people in a hurry, automatic washing is the ideal solution. But it is important to take into account the size of your vehicle because some car washes do not accept cars equipped with convertible tops. There are two automatic Bil rengøring methods, the one with a roller, which is practical because it is effortless, and the one using a high-pressure jet. You can find them in specialized centers or in many gas stations.

Roller washing: advantages and tips

This technique is the most popular because it does not require any effort, it is very fast and it is the cheapest. Be aware, however, that this technique can leave traces, a kind of micro-scratches due to the fibers of the brushes. It is also due to the frequency of passage of their long synthetic eyelashes. These do not always have time to get rid of the dust collected on the previous bodies. These are then as many tiny particles which are dragged on the varnish, and which go so far as to scratch it. However, a new type of brush, with felt eyelashes, avoiding micro-scratches, is tending to become widespread in France. In addition, be aware that these brushes must be replaced every two or three years by the operator of the station.

High pressure jet car wash: benefits and tips

High pressure washing is useful for a quick wash or for roughing before a more thorough cleaning. It also allows the sills and bumpers to be cleaned with precision and prevents micro-scratches as there is no contact with the paint. Remember to run the jet everywhere or do not hesitate, if your bodywork is very dirty, to make an additional passage with the detergent for better results. This will prevent a thin layer of grease and pollutants from sticking to the paint and continuing its corrosive action. For cleaning the rims, do not hesitate to pass a sponge after the passage of the jet in order to completely remove the black dust which could attack and damage the varnish of the rims. For the more equipped, do not hesitate to put on boots and an oilskin to avoid the projections of the jet.

In addition, be careful during bilrens do not to direct the water jet towards the engine because the pressure is high and water could get into the electrical and electronic circuits. Also note that the high pressure jet can worsen small chips in the paint, among other things on painted plastic parts or on chrome. Also, avoid going too close to the gaskets as the pressure can damage them and expand them. Regarding insect stains, you will certainly need to use an additional product to remove them because the spray is often ineffective.

Price of an automatic car wash

On the budget side, some washing stations are more expensive than others. This method can therefore be expensive if you wash your car very regularly. Do not hesitate to compare the prices of several stations because this can sometimes go from single to double. Many stations use a token system that allows you to wash your car for a set amount of time. At the end of the stopwatch, washing stops. You can then choose to end it or start over by inserting a new token. Overall, count less than 20 euros for a complete wash.

Hand wash: benefits and tips

Manual washing remains the best solution for a perfect result. However, there are steps to follow and a method to adopt to be as effective as possible. Here are the necessary accessories and products:

  • Bucket;
  • Several sponges;
  • An old toothbrush;
  • A nail brush;
  • A chamois skin;
  • Rags;
  • Body shampoo;
  • Window cleaner;
  • A special rim cleaner;
  • A rubber renovator for the gaskets

Washing your car: step by step

  • Start with the dirtiest parts of the car like the door and trunk sills. Be sure to clean the rubber gaskets well with the renovator as these attract dust.
  • Then proceed to cleaning the rims by applying the special product and scrubbing with the toothbrush to be able to go into every corner.
  • Regarding the tires, use the rubber renovator and, using a brush, pass several times before rinsing thoroughly.
  • Finally, finish with the frame and the sills. To remove mosquitoes and other insects stuck on the car, you just need to use a nylon stocking rather than a sponge and everything will come off easily.
  • Regarding gaskets, mirrors and car plastics in general, use the nail brush and renovator.
  • For cleaning the body, prepare a bucket of lukewarm water mixed with shampoo (or washing up liquid). Then wet your car with the water jet or, even better, with hot water which will pre-loosen dust and grease.
  • Clean the bodywork with a washcloth or sponge without a scraper, starting with the roof and windshield. Do not hesitate to use several sponges depending on the parts to be cleaned. Indeed, if you rub the bodywork with a sponge loaded with dust you will scratch it.
  • Rinse thoroughly to remove all foam and avoid streaks. Then use chamois leather to dry the bodywork and the windows and to avoid water marks due to lime scale.

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