Various Events Ducks Unlimited will organize in 2022

Ducks Unlimited has always worked hard to conserve wetlands through many programs for a long time. The environmental changes have also made regions a better place for waterfowls. But, apart from everything else, the organization also engages people through many events. So, in this article, let’s go through the events the company will organize in addition to a Ducks Unlimited banquet.

National Convention

In July 2022, Ducks Unlimited will be organizing a National Convention in New Orleans. While the leaders will gather for the event, the entire team will set aside time for the first National Roadkill Cookoff. Moreover, the attendees will also be able to check out the speeches of many individuals as they will entertain and educate them. As the event progresses, people can also consider being a part of the Wetlands awards dinner. But, if you want to enjoy the event, you can grab apparel and convention merchandise well in advance. You can also reserve a room at the New Orleans Marriott ahead of time.

Parties for Waterfowl Hunters

If you are fond of waterfowl hunting, you should not miss this party. Your experience will be incredible when you meet diverse individuals at the banquet. On the other hand, if you wear camo, you will qualify to win a shotgun. While one of the banquets will be held in Monmouth County, the others will be around the Sodus Bay, South Bay, and the Kings River. You can also plan to attend a party in the fall which will get organized in Valley City. However, if you’re looking forward to a great event, you must not wait to get the Panhandle Sportsman’s Party tickets.

Events for Kids

Ducks Unlimited will also organize events for your little ones. But, if the youngsters become members of Ducks Unlimited, they can help conserve and restore the wetlands. To learn more about the work regarding conservation in Indiana, your kids can attend the Greenwing Legacy and Major Donor Dedication in May 2022. They can also join other members for free fishing and a silent Ducks Unlimited auction on Greenwing Day. If your child is enthusiastic about fishing, you must not miss the Youth Fishing Day in Onslow County. But, for this event, you will have to register before 25th June because it will be held only for the first 25 kids.

Shooting Events

Even if you’re new to shooting, you can be a part of the continental shoot ahead. Apart from the Gnat Warfare drone shoot, the company will also organize many games and 5-STAND. But, if you wish to participate in the tournament, it’s not necessary to be a member of the National Sporting Clays Association (NSCA). You can enjoy the event and the ambiance as everyone competes with one another. Once you register, you can grab an opportunity to meet people at the Shooter’s Banquet. To learn more about the event, you can contact Ducks Unlimited directly or drop a message on the Continental Shoot’s Facebook page.

DU Expo

You can always explore more if you’re attending the Ducks Unlimited Expo. While you can test your skills with a drive across a specially designed track, you can have a great experience with shooting. You can also involve yourself in many contests and think about winning prizes. When you come across the exhibitors, you can check out an extensive array of accessories and gadgets for hunting, fishing, etc. Besides, you will also learn about some baitcasting and fly fishing techniques. Interestingly, you can find out what conservation organizations are doing for a better future. If you wish to volunteer for the Expo, you must not hesitate to send an email to gather more information.


Ducks Unlimited organizes numerous events for kids and those fond of hunting. The Ducks Unlimited Banquets are managed to raise money for the company. You will observe an auction at these banquets that sell many items to raise money. In addition to the main banquets for the members, you must not miss the Ducks Unlimited Expo. Once you’re at the place, you can participate in the contests, go for a drive across a track with pits, and spend some time shooting.