A plate compactor flattens the ground during construction. Single-plate compactors are forward direction machines. The reversible plate compactor works in both directions. A lot of factors determine the plate compactor price in Kenya. This article will discuss how to choose the correct plate compactor.

When someone is doing any work related to landscaping, or any form of construction, you will need a piece of necessary equipment called the plate compactor. But what exactly is a plate compactor? A plate compactor is a machine used to flatten and smoothening the earth during construction.

Its shape usually resembles that of a lawnmower, and at its base, it has a flattened steel plate that generally does the work of leveling the ground. A plate compactor functions the same as a sledgehammer which is also traditionally used during construction. The only difference is that the sledgehammer is hand-driven while the compactor is engine-driven.

Depending on the action it uses to level the land, different compactors differ in prices, and choosing the right one is determined by several factors discussed below.

Types of Plate Compactors

Single-plate compactors

It is the most popular choice for many construction workers. It is a forward direction machine in that it only does compaction in one direction and cannot be maneuvered to move backward. Its plates are specially designed to prevent the materials beneath from scuffing, pushing, and shoving.

Reversible plate compactors

They have been designed in such a way that they can work in forwarding and backward directions. It has a 50cm compaction depth. Its lever is strategically located, allowing for a change of direction. The base plate of the reversible plate compactor compromises high-strength steel to increase its durability.

High-performance plate compactors

These types of compactors are used in places like the trenches and slopes. They are also used when deeper depth compaction is needed. They work similarly the same way as the reversible plate compactors.


Plate compactor price in Kenya is determined by different factors, including the materials used in the machine itself and the model of the plate compactors.

Choosing the right plate compactor

Materials to be grounded.

If the ground to be leveled is made up of materials such as rocks that are difficult to break, it is advisable to use a plate compactor that can deal with the work efficiently. Plate compactors such as high-performance compactors are preferred for rugged terrain. The price of plate compactor is determined by the ground to be leveled.


Plate compactors are heavy machines that cannot be carried from one place to another by just pushing them. They need to be transported by other machines. The lifting machine you have will determine the type of plate compactor you will buy. High-performance plate compactors will require a lifting device that is bigger than the single-plate ones.


Plate compactors have proven to be very useful for all construction-related works. They are easy to operate. Using the plate compactors significantly reduces the time taken to complete the construction or landscaping work.  The type of plate compactor you choose; thus, it is crucial to go for the right plate compactor.

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