Top 5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Husband!

A Set of Hot Sauces

If you’re looking to spice things up this holiday season, think about getting your husband an assortment of hot sauces!

Depending on his tolerance, you might choose something mild, something that packs a real punch, or something that becomes progressively spicier.

Spice is measured on the “Scoville Scale;” the higher the food’s value, the hotter it is. Normally, jalapeno peppers measure between 2,500-8,000 Scoville Heat Units (SHU), while the spiciest pepper in the world, the Carolina Reaper, reaches a staggering 2,200,000 SHU!

If his preferences aren’t clear, you can always buy him a variety of sauces; if he takes a strong liking to one, you can buy a bigger bottle for his birthday. You can even gift him a challenge set straight from “Hot Ones,” an online interview show best known for its brutally hot sauces. And who knows—you might even want to join the fun and set your mouth ablaze alongside him!

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New Beard Trimmer

Some men love an aggressively unkempt beard, whereas others prefer one that is cleanly trimmed or shaved.

Whatever a man’s choice, the truth is that beards can quickly grow out of control, and your husband’s electric razor is likely dull or running out of the sheer power it once had. It’s not cost-effective to visit the barber every day, so Christmas is the perfect time to purchase him a gift that will help him tend to his beard and begin the New Year in style!

You should, of course, select a product with due consideration of your man’s needs. A brand-new beard trimmer, for example, will be useful enough not to waste cabinet space, and will help your husband thrive!

A Hair Transplant

If you’re like most devoted wives, you’ve probably noticed that your husband has more hair on his chin than on his head! You might also have noticed that, because of this, your husband lacks the confidence he had when you began dating, if he hasn’t already admitted to being ashamed of how little head hair he has left.

But he shouldn’t worry so much—after all, stress can speed up hair loss! A safe, easy way to combat the devastation of male pattern baldness is with a hair transplant, which can also make for an incredibly unique gift.

If your husband has ever dreamed of having great hair, you can make it a reality for him with a simple procedure that will bring back those luscious locks. And who knows—he might go back to his old modeling days!

A New Recliner

At the end of a hard workday, most men want nothing more than to lie back in their favorite chair. This relaxation habit is so common that it has become a trope in film and television!

If your husband’s favorite chair has become old and smelly, time to invest in a new one. Consider an electric chair, too, rather than a manual one, and watch him recline into pure bliss.

Certain materials, like leather, are more comfortable than standard fabric upholstery and are more resistant to stains, which is a plus! It’s also a good idea to buy a model with cupholders and extra pockets for magazine and work material storage.

Keep in mind that if you’re seriously eyeing a recliner as a Christmas gift, it will be better to tell your husband about it and go shopping together so that he can pick his favorite.

Some New Speakers

Speaker systems have become far more sophisticated since the nineties.

That “hi-tech” speaker you bought twenty years ago has long run past its expiration; why not replace it with something sharper and more modern? While certainly not a budget-friendly gift, speakers are particularly worth the money because they’re shareable—a win not only for your husband, but for you, as well!

Car speakers are also a worthwhile upgrade if you can afford them, because these days, who doesn’t play a bit of good music on the road?